“Hey Podolski, you’re a retard.” Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski reacted to the entry of the football player from Górnik Zabrze

Łukasz “Juras” Jurkowski, an MMA fighter, but also a supporter and announcer at Legia matches, sharply commented on the behavior of Lukas Podolski. – You are an idiot – he said.

Podolski reacted in an amazing way to the behavior of Legia fans. Referring to the online entry, he stated that they were “intoxicated with lapwing stench”. You can find it all HERE.

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The post by the former German representative caused a storm. Jurkowski also posted his opinion on this matter on the Internet.

– Hey Podolski, you are an idiot. Unless you have no control over your SM account. By employing such a ram you confirm my thesis – wrote Jurkowski on Twitter on Monday evening.

He also returned to the topic on Tuesday. And in the next entry he hit Podolski.

– A world-class athlete should also be responsible outside the arena of competition. The lack of respect for the rival at the gutter level proves the lack of this class. Fearing about it as much as he is stupid. I don’t remember proposing something like that in Legia – wrote Jurkowski. At the end, he congratulated Górnik on his victory. Zabrze defeated Legia 3: 2.

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