Hideo Kojima’s next video game isn’t really going to be a video game

Hideo Kojima he is working on some projects and we know this, but not all of these could be really video games.

The author of Death Stranding (which you can find on Amazon) is in a very creative period and is ready to create something uniqueapparently.

We do not know if it will really be the sequel to Death Strandingas someone had assumed long ago following strange statements.

While Hideo Kojima has long been keen to let people know that his next projects will be innovative, and that will forever change the world of video games.

But that’s not necessarily the case the next video game from Hideo Kojima is really a video game, in the end.

The game designer himself says it (via VGC) that he attempted to give a description of what his next project will be: he defined it “Like a new medium”.

In a recent interview, Hideo Kojima let himself go about one of his many projects in development, using high-sounding words:

“It’s almost like a new medium. If this is successful, it will change things, not only in the gaming industry, but also in the film industry. “

A very particular product that, Kojima explains, is requesting some challenges also with regard to infrastructure who will have to withstand this experiment.

“You can have successful experiments, but there is one big difference between an experiment and a moment in which it is something that becomes part of everyday use “said Hideo Kojima while continuing to talk about his upcoming works.

The title (we call it that as it is neither video game nor movie) in question is probably the project developed exclusively for Xbox.

Starting to connect the dots, in fact, Kojima had used very similar words to define the cloud project we talked about some time ago.

However, we know that, in one of these works, Elle Fanning is also involved according to the latest sibylline teasers by the game designer.

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