High Speed ​​Sea. The 8 Fastest Boats Ever!

High speed sea! Not only relaxation, but also performance, the waters can also be experienced in a rush (by experienced and lucky owners), so here is the ranking of the 8 fastest boats ever.

The seaand above all to navigate with “small” boats by sea, it has always been a symbol of maximum relaxation; emblem to which are inevitably joined other meanings such as luxury, the exclusivity of a comfortable lifestyle, in some way also luck and the suggestion of belonging to a more affluent class for those who can afford this specific experience of the sea. In short, navigate has, especially in recent decades, incorporated in itself a characteristic strongly connected to the world of luxury, in fact, and of money. The main cause was the constant and determined ostentation by millionaires around the world of their new ones boats; and the subsequent race, also by a larger slice of the population, to the yachta boat that has never been identified as such but as a sort of “corporate definition”.

Lifestyle, luxury and relaxation; but the sea can also be experienced in another way. A different and more practical (and sporty) view that puts boats in real comparison with other vehicles equipped with engines (and wheels). The boat as a vehicle, which is supplied with fuel to allow it to start and “walk”, and on which a pedal is pressed to go fast, and faster and faster. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about. The sea as a lane, a track where you can run and do it even at a very brisk pace. A fortune, however, which belongs only to a few “chosen” ones, who are not necessarily the richest but are also, and above all, the most experienced; running on the water of the seas or any other “aqueous” surface is certainly not a trivial matter. Driving a “super-boat“Requires maximum experience and practicality!

Anyway, My Luxury in this article wants to offer you some of the boats with which it is possible to experience the sea at high speed. The best and most performing boats; indeed, to be even more precise, the 8 fastest boats ever! Here’s what they are …

Fast sea: the 8 best performing boats

So here’s what they are the splinters of salt water (and sweet); the names, faces, records and performances of the fastest boats ever. A ranking, which also looks to the past, to discover the limits touched by darting on the sea surface. Sailing and yachts, catamarans and hydroplani, famous and unrecognized; this list does not miss anything! Here, then, is the ranking of the eight best performing boats in the history of modern boating… The list goes from the slowest boat to the one that runs the most.

8. Eagle Class 53, the fastest catamaran


And let’s start, in fact, from this very particular (and very fast) catamaran considered (numbers in hand) as the fastest boat (in its sector) ever up to now, namely the Eagle Class 53.

The Eagle Class 53 looks like a classic (from the shapes and its aesthetics) catamaran of a peculiar light gray color, with foil and a rigid wing. It is not to be considered a racing boat, but a “normal” private catamaran designed for family sailing, as well as being a revolutionary RIB.

It is an extreme day boat; built for the classic out-of-port trips (it can carry up to ten people in comfort) but designed to reach heights of speed and very high performance. A nautical mix between a luxurious Rolls-Royce and a very sporty Ferrari; the Eagle can easily overcome the 35 knots even when the wind is light. And translated into more understandable terms by all, it is about 65 km / hnot bad for one sail boat. The sporty and preforming soul of this boat can be brought back to the construction of her, in fact this boat was set up in a special shipyard with designers all linked to the America Cup.

7. Kereon, the Italian yacht


In seventh place, however, we find this particular yacht of Italian production that responds to the name of Kereon. A boat characterized by its own open engine, 27 meters long and designed in the “distant” 2004 by the Italian AB Yacht. This luxury boat can guarantee space for up to six people, offering them all the comfort and relaxation possible.

To power this Italian boat there are three Caterpillar diesel engines with a total of 1825 HP, and thanks to these (and their jets) the Kereon manages to reach a peak speed equal to 53 knotsthat is to say almost 100 km / h. Its maximum range, on the other hand, is 900 miles with a mileage of 50 knots.

6. 118 WallyPower, star of cinema and the sea


It is the turn of the 118 WallyPower, a 36-meter superyacht built by the Wally shipyard in the early 2000s. It is an ultra-luxurious boat with an iconic and unmistakable look; enough to earn him the title of star of the seabut also of the cinema. In fact, in 2005 she participated in the film “The Island” directed by Michael Bay and starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. The Wally 118 in this case appeared as the protagonist of the dreams of the character played by the Scottish actor.

However, this yacht features three large gas turbines of 56.00hp each, and 168.00hp total; these are associated with a Rolls-Royce Kamewa transmission with two adjustable side jets and a fixed central jet. In addition, two 370 hp diesel engines can increase their power. All this guarantees to the boat a speed of over 110 km / h with a range of 1800 miles at nine knots but only 300 miles at 60 knots; for a minimum fuel consumption of 3500 liters per hour.

5. Lamborghini Tecnomar, the yacht of the Bull


And here the comparison with a four-wheeler is extremely simple and too obvious. We are faced with a unique boat of its kind, inspired (as is clearly visible) by the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37. Here, then, Tecnomar Lamborghini 63.

This motor yacht is equipped with two very powerful MAN V12-2000HP engines, making it the fastest boat in the Tecnomar fleet. The use of carbon fiber (a typical element of Lamborghini cars) also guarantees the classification in the range of ultralight boats with a maximum weight of 24 tons and 63 feet in length. And that means a good 4000 horsepower to push this yacht up to 60 knotsthat is to say 111 km / h.

4. Vestas Sailrocket, the sea splinter


Designed by British naval architect Malcolm Barnsley since 24 November 2012, this vessel holds the world speed record for a sailboat. In fact, over a distance of 500 meters, it managed to reach the exceptional speed of 65.45 knotsnamely ben 121.06 km / h. This Vestas Sailrocket it also managed a top speed of 68.01 knots for one second. Moreover, the same boat is also the fastest over the distance of one nautical mile (which is then equivalent to 1852 meters), thanks to its 59.37 knots or 109.94 km / h.

3. Foners, the royal yacht

Belonged to the Spanish royal familythis yacht measures the beauty of 41.5 meters, and was designed in 2000 by the Izar shipyard.

It is the interior of this luxurious boat that is most eye-catching. The closed environment of the yacht, in fact, is made up of the constant presence of polished sycamore wood and beige leather, a large main hall, a beautiful dining room, and an impressive engine room; which is composed of three compartments separated by watertight partitions that house two 1280 hp MAN engines and three 6700 hp Rolls Royce gas turbines that drive three Kamewa waterjets. With 68 knots (130 km / h), and a range of 1800 nautical miles at 12 knots, the Foners is one of the fastest boats in the world.

2. Alpha Yacht, luxury and power

11.71 meters long, in 2017 this yacht managed to become the fastest production motor boat in the world, thanks to its attainable top speed of well 80 knotsthat is to say 148 km / h. Alpha Yacht is both luxurious and powerful and easy to carry; a mix between a classic boat and a 1960s sports car with all the modern features.

1. Spirit of Australia, the fastest arrow in the sea

And the gold medal in this ranking goes right to this hydroplane specially designed and built to break water speed records. And in 1978, in fact, it Spirit of Australia has managed to overcome this limit, reaching to touch i 261 knotsthat is to say 511.13 km / h. Furthermore, this hydroplane was the first prototype boat to break the barrier of 261 knots and even reached a maximum speed of 275 knots.

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