Hit in Pepco! These stylish sweatshirts and cardigans cost only PLN 40

Pepco clothes

Pepco is a European discount store that quickly won the hearts of Poles. Its offer includes not only cheap and practical home accessories, but also a wide range of women’s clothes and accessories. You will find there, among others jackets, coats, dresses and many other items of clothing. In terms of quality, Pepco clothes do not differ from those of your favorite chain stores, and yet they are much cheaper! This time, our attention was drawn to the latest Pepco hit – a warm women’s sweatshirt. This model will be perfect for winter days and evenings!

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Pepco sweatshirts

What women’s sweatshirts can be found in the current Pepco offer? The choice is really diverse. The discount offer includes, among others pink faux fur sweatshirt. This model is soft to the touch and will wrap your body on the coldest days. You can wear it both on a daily basis in combination with sweatpants or joggers. In such a set you will feel comfortable all day long. Price? 40 zlotys. For fans of elegant clothes, we recommend Pepco women’s cardigans. Models are available in subdued colors, e.g. gray or a shade of powder pink. Match it with a classic shirt and cigarillos – the whole thing will create a stylish look for work or meeting friends. This Pepco cardigan also costs only PLN 40.

pepco sweatshirtspepco sweatshirts pepco

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Cheap Pepco sweatshirts

In Pepco you will also find a sweatshirt with the theme of your favorite childhood fairy tales. Such models are perfect for walks or rest at home. Oversized sweatshirt will provide you with full comfort. At Pepco, the pink model with a Minnie mouse is available for only PLN 40. The European discount store also offers a classic gray hoodie. This model is a hit in casual and sports stylizations. It goes with everything! T.Now you can buy it at Pepco for PLN 30. More fashionable Pepco sweatshirts can be found on the official website of the store.

pepco sweatshirtpepco sweatshirt pepco

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