Holidays in the mountains: the best experiences for summer 2022

Waterfalls, lakes, streams to immerse yourself in. Lana (and surroundings) is ideal for cooling off. Two of the irrigation canals of the dense network in the Val d’Adige, which can be traveled along thanks to the paths that run along them, cross the Lana region: the Waalwege, easy paths that once served to control the regular flow of water and to carry out works maintenance, without significant differences in height and therefore very popular with families even with small children. Being able to wet your feet during a stop, or play in the water safely, as the depth of the Waale is a few tens of centimeters, is a real fun for children, but also for the older ones. The Brandis Waalweg path connects Lana di Sopra with Lana di Sotto and extends between chestnut groves, vineyards and apple orchards. It is a flat walk lasting about 40 minutes (2.5 km), while the Marlengo / Cermes Waalweg, 11 kilometers long (about 3 hours of travel), starts from Lana and reaches the Chiusa di Tel, passing through the villages of Cermes, Marlengo and Foresta always maintaining an altitude of 450 meters. The Gola di Lana is one of the most fascinating places in this area. From the center of the village you can walk in a few minutes to a wild landscape made up of woods, rocky walls, but above all of streams and small waterfalls that in summer refresh the air and with their noise make the walk more adventurous. From the bridge over the Valsura river in Lana di Sopra, the walk becomes more and more adventurous and on the sides of the walls the rivulets turn into many waterfalls. Speaking of waterfalls, the territory of the Lana Region is also rich in those. The Brandis waterfall is located at the end of the Waalweg of the same name. At its feet, there is also a romantic bench where you can sit and admire the show and listen to the roar of the water, which incessantly and impetuously reaches the ground after a jump of about 10 meters. For information on these and other routes in this beautiful corner of South Tyrol: Region of Lana.

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