Hollywood’s top-earning actors. Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Denzel Washington top the “Variety” chart [LISTA]

The biggest Hollywood movie stars can get even tens of millions of dollars for one movie. Among the highest earners are Daniel Craig, Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith and Denzel Washington, according to a recent list published by Variety magazine.

A decade ago, the success of Hollywood stars was measured by ticket sales. Currently, this criterion is the number of views or a press release about the popularity of the movie on streaming platforms.

Hollywood stars’ earnings – then and today

The digital revolution has changed the situation in the film industry diametrically. Nevertheless, the most popular actors earn a fortune, even if they decide to switch from silver to the home screen – we read in “Variety”.


The magazine recalls that back in 1996, Jim Carrey set the standard in the film industry, who shocked the industry with the fact that he received $ 20 million for his role in the black comedy “Cable Guy” (“Telemaniac”). This amount is still a determinant for the biggest stars – this is how Sandra Bullock was supposed to get for playing in Paramount’s production of “The Lost City of D”, Brad Pitt for “Bullet Train” (Sony label) and Chris Hemsworth for “Thor: Love and Thunder “(Disney).

“Variety” explains that five years ago this high salary would have been near the top of Hollywood’s list of the highest-paid stars. The earnings of actresses and actors rose thanks to offers from streaming platforms (eg Netflix, Amazon or HBO Max), which successfully began to compete with the largest film studios.

Daniel Craig – known, inter alia, for the role of James Bond – received 100 million dollars for two sequels (two consecutive films) of “Knives Out”. According to “Variety”, such high earnings are due to the fact that Netflix includes in the proposed contracts predictions of what revenues the production could bring if it was shown only in cinemas and the bonuses that would therefore be awarded to the actor.

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Hollywood Actors’ Gages – Studios vs Streaming Platforms

This way of calculating the salaries of the biggest stars meant that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got a contract with Amazon Studios for 30 million dollars. for his role in the adventure film “Red One”. What’s more, this figure could jump to $ 50 million if the actor decides to give the producer his copyrights, “Variety explains.

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Other examples of lucrative deals with streaming platforms include: $ 30 million. for Leanardo DiCaprio and $ 25 million for Jennifer Lawrence for the Netflix-produced comedy “Don’t Look Up”, $ 25 million for Julia Roberts, for the thriller “Leave the World Behind” (Netflix), $ 20 billion for Ryan Gosling for the thriller “The Gray Man” (Netflix).

Competition from the Internet and the associated salary increase of Hollywood stars has given traditional film studios a headache. Record label Warner Bros. decided to release all its productions on the HBO Max platform. Denzel Washington and Will Smith received $ 40 million each for their roles in the films produced by WB: “The Little Things” and “King Richard”. Their earnings take into account the lower income of the studio – “Variety” reports.

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According to the magazine, one of the stars who perfectly cope with the new reality and draw handfuls from both worlds – is Tom Cruise. The actor is one of the few celebrities who receive a portion of the salary in advance, and on top of that, they have bonuses related to the success and popularity of the film. Cruise received $ 13 million from Paramount for his role in the sequel “Top Gun: Macerick”, but if the film turns out to be a hit, its earnings may increase several times.

The list of Hollywood’s highest-earning stars according to “Variety” magazine (first “12”):

1. Daniel Craig – $ 100 million – for two sequels of “Knives Out”

2. Dwayne Johnson – $ 50 million – “Red One”

3. Will Smith – $ 40 million. – “King Richard”

3. Denzel Washington – $ 40 million – “The Little Things”

5. Leanardo DiCaprio – $ 30 billion – “Don’t Look Up”

5. Mark Wahlberg – $ 30 billion – “Spense Confidential”

7. Jennifer Lawrence – $ 25 million – “Don’t Look Up”

7. Julia Roberts – $ 25 million – “Leave The World Behind”

9. Sandra Bullock – $ 20 million – “The Lost City of D”

9. Ryan Gosling – $ 20 million – “The Gray Man”

9. Chris Hemsworth – $ 20 million – “Thor: Love and Thunder”

9. Brad Pitt – $ 20 million – “Bullet Train”

Variety added that some amounts may include production contributions and copyright disclaimers.

At the end of July, the critics of “Variety” presented their first Oscar types >>>.

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