Honey Blonde Hair is the summer blonde we’ve been waiting for

Summer and solar coloring par excellence, the coolest blond of this summer is a classic of light shades: let’s see the Honey Blonde Hair trend

You have read that this year it is dark shades that characterize the summer choices. True, it is a counter-current trend that has left everyone surprised. Some have even gone further, overshadowing the blonde variants. False, there is no summer without her (or hers) blondes. And in fact 2022 is the year of the trend Honey Blonde Hairthe honey blonde who will never stop having his avid admirers.

Honey Blonde Hair: the blond par excellence

Loved by stars because they are able to revive any hair look, adored by women all over the world because they are able to enhance facial features with style and personality, honey shades are probably the most loved variant of blond, together with shades. platinum and gilded, also very popular.

Honey Blonde Hair: the Hush factor

His “blondness” Gwyneth Paltrow I post an “au naturel” image of the sea on Instagram. Her honey blonde, generally very light and always a hallmark of her refined beauty, this summer has succumbed to the temptation of one of the coolest shades of the moment: the ash-colored tints.

The lengths are typically honey but, especially near the roots, the coloring is an interesting blend that mixes honey tones with ash shades.

Honey Blonde Hair: full color

For the purists of blond for blond, the honey variant without any compromise except the inevitable (almost imperceptibly) darker roots.

Emma Roberts
he hardly abandons his favorite color and to pay homage to it, here is a quintessential color look: soft waves just hinted at, central line and… Honey Blonde Hair from the book: not even a streak to characterize this splendid full color that does not admit chromatic variations.

Honey Blonde Hair: the bronde

Blond with some license to transgress, bronde is a modern classic that hasn’t ceased to please for years. One of the most fascinating fans of this balayage is the Brazilian super model Gisele Bündchen.

Honey-colored shades are prevalent, especially in the lengths and near the tips, in this softly wavy styling that has become iconic.

Honey Blonde Hair: the golden variant

Brilliant, bright, dazzling. Honey blonde can become even more precious, combined with golden shades, as she loves to show off Sienna Miller.

We are faced with a glamorous blond, Hollywood one might say. The contrasts are not very pronounced, but the transition from honeyed sweetness to flashing golden flashes is the key to a color… rich and famous.

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