Horizon Forbidden West in new gameplay! Creators depict combat and enemies

We haven’t received any new game saves from Horizon Forbidden West for quite a long time. However, based on the latest information, the premiere in February 2022 should not be threatened and after the details disclosed by the developers today, it can be concluded that everything is on the right track.

On the PlayStation blog, we can read about the dangers of Alloy at every turn. The post-apocalyptic, colorful world is full of machines hostile to the main character, as well as people from hostile factions that we will have to face.

The entry is quite long, but it can be summed up in the following words: Forbidden Horizon West game will be affordable, which will not impose any model of the game. For the creators of Guerrilla Games, it was important to be able to allow players – increasing the limit skills, as well as offering new types of weapons for melee and distance – peel perfectly fits into his fighting style preferences.

Our changes to the design of the combat system have remained true to Aloy’s identity. First, we wanted to add extra depth to the gameplay and increase the skill cap of players with abilities such as melee combos and a surge of valor. Players who spend some time perfecting their combat skills will find effective and stylish ways to get rid of their enemies. Second, we wanted to adapt to different playstyles and really focus on freedom of choice. Players can customize their tactics with new weapons and outfits that can be upgraded in the Workshop. Finally, we wanted to design challenging enemies that would encourage players to use all their abilities and skills. An all-new set of machines as well as advanced human enemies will keep players in suspense throughout the game!

Alloy has received many new animations showing her as a heroine stronger than the warrior from the first game. This is to help you feel for yourself how much experience the protagonist gained after the exhausting adventures of Horizon Zero Dawn, as well as the Frozen Wilds story expansion.

Opponents’ AI changed their behavior. Many of them can now fight us underwater (it turns out that the underwater sequences will be very exciting), and also get to high-lying objects or uneven terrain thanks to the possibility of jumping or climbing. The last two features also apply to our allies, so it turns out that overall gameplay designers have spent a lot of time tweaking and adding a lot of new mechanics to the combat system.

In addition, some individuals will emit beeps to help us prepare for our defense:

The machines have unique beeps to help the player distinguish between a melee attack or a specific ranged attack. Melee attacks are transmitted through a distinct sound that builds up on impact, while ranged attacks are transmitted through weapon-specific charging sounds or projectile sounds. Especially in clashes involving many machines surrounding the player, these beeps will help draw the player’s attention to the nearest attacker or source of danger, allowing them to react in time.

To make your reading more attractive, the PlayStation blog has many gameplay excerpts showing the aforementioned combat and opponents’ behavior. You will find them here or in the material below. The gameplay animation director concluded the entry with the following words:

We really can’t wait for players to discover the new machines and all their possibilities. We’ve focused on the variety and different gameplay experiences players can discover as they travel to the Forbidden West. We love to watch the reactions of players as they encounter new human enemies and machines, especially the really scary ones like Tremortusk!

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