Houses for 1 franc in Switzerland. The buyer has to meet several conditions

2022-01-13 11:00

2022-01-13 11:00

Houses for 1 franc in Switzerland.  The buyer has to meet several conditions
Houses for 1 franc in Switzerland.  The buyer has to meet several conditions
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Real estate prices in Poland are rising, and a picturesque city in Switzerland tempts with an offer of houses for 1 franc, which is just over PLN 4.30. The property must be renovated after the acquisition, while the local authorities expect the owner to actively participate in the development of the region.

Another country in Europe offers houses for a symbolic price. After Italy and Spain, it’s time for Switzerland. Interested persons can purchase property located in a picturesque village in the Alpine region for 1 franc, which is about PLN 4.30. Buying a home is not free from additional conditions. The property buyer undertakes to carry out renovationwhose plan must be approved by the local authority.

As Mayor Gambarogno emphasized, property buyers must be interested in the history of the place and want to get involved in the development of the region. An additional advantage of the potential buyer will be the readiness to start learning Italian. “The offer is not for people who only want a holiday home by the lake,” said Gianluigi Della Santa, Mayor of Gambarogno.

Gambarogno is located in the alpine region of southern Switzerland on the picturesque Lake Maggiore. The town, apart from the proximity of mountain trails, is relatively close to larger cities. It is less than two hours from Milan and approximately 150 minutes by car from Zurich.

A Swiss town is another example of a region struggling with depopulation and an aging population. Small towns from Mediterranean countries attract potential buyers with low house prices.



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