how a previous relationship inspired Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick explained that she drew inspiration from a past romantic relationship that she called toxic for her role in Alice, Darling.

Anna Kendrick has admitted that, for the lead role in Alice Darling, drew inspiration from a true story: his own. The actress has opened up about how a previous toxic relationship of hers helped her step into her role more. The film directed by Mary Nighy will hit US theaters in late January 2023, but it did premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. For the actress it was a demanding project, also on the emotional side, precisely because of her sentimental past.

Anna Kendrick for Alice, Darling drew inspiration from a toxic relationship

The actress has long ago told the microphones of People that she accepted the lead role in Alice, Darling shortly after a romantic relationship ended. You immediately felt a strong connection with the character and, on the microphones of Los Angeles Times, described what it was like to play an abused character in a relationship. Specifically, she explained how much she cares about showing how emotional and mental abuse has the same impact as physical abuse and how important it is to bring that message to the big screen.

It was a big part of my problem. ‘He has never hit me and I’m not afraid that he will. How do I distinguish relationship conflict and abuse? Why is my body so scared all the time? Why do I wake up feeling him next to me and think I have thirty seconds before starting the staging?’

Anna Kendrick is also executive producer on the project. The actress admitted that it was easy to bond with protagonist Alice’s obsessive mind. To the microphones of People, some time ago, she confessed some details about her previous relationship:

I was in a situation where I loved and trusted this person more than I trusted myself. So when that person tells you that you have a distorted sense of reality and that you are impossible and all the things that you think are happening aren’t actually happening, your life gets very messy and fast.

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