How does Jennifer Aniston live? Here is her awesome kitchen

Jennifer Aniston showed the kitchen and also shared the recipe for her favorite morning smoothie. Fans are thrilled with the post. We are watching the interior.

Jennifer Aniston, is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and beloved actresses. She has a constant circle of friends for whom she loves cooking, and before the pandemic, her house was full of guests.

Recall that the star lives in California. Ever since she started Instagram, she has shared photos of her amazing Bel Air home. She bought the mansion in 2011 for $ 21 million. Renovation was carried out by esteemed architect Frederick Fisher. For years, Aniston lived there with her ex-husband, Justin Theroux. The couple broke up in February 2018.

Jennifer spent all her isolation on her estate. She did not hide that she was doing well there, and on the occasion of one of the online interviews, she revealed that she suffered from agoraphobia (fear of being in the open), so she felt locked in much less than you might think.

The circumstances are terrible, but for me it was not a particular challenge. I have been suffering from agoraphobia since I was born. The most demanding part of isolation is following the news and trying to understand everything that is happening right now around us. I check them in the morning and evening. I don’t follow them on a regular basis, because nothing changes, she said on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Currently, however, the star has returned to work, and for this it needs energy. So she decided to share her favorite cocktail recipe with Instagram fans. We are watching the interior.

Jennifer Aniston’s kitchen. How did she arrange her?

Jennifer Ansiton has proven more than once that cooking is not a challenge for her, and that her beautiful kitchen is not only for decoration. This time, she only gave a recipe for a morning smoothie, but allowed her to peek inside.

The kingdom of the star Friends it is spacious and very functional. There is no shortage of all the necessary equipment and accessories. The room is a combination of black countertops and other decorative elements in this color with golden fronts of cabinets. It all looks very stylish. There is no shortage of work space and a multi-burner stove. In such a place, cooking is pure pleasure.

And the recipe for your favorite Aniston smoothie? A cup of chocolate almond milk, 2 tablespoons of chocolate mix with collagen, cherries, bananas, a few drops of stevia, antioxidants, a cup of ice. The star suggests that you can also add spinach, a pinch of cinnamon, powdered matcha and a heaped tablespoon of peanut butter.

Simple and probably tasty!

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