How does the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem make life easier?

Samsung’s offer includes many recommendable devices, also for Christmas gifts. You can learn a little more about them, but also about the entire Galaxy ecosystem.

The Samsung Galaxy ecosystem makes it easier to do more

There is nothing surprising in the fact that widely understood electronics are a popular Christmas gift. Similarly, it is not surprising that devices and gadgets from well-known and reputable manufacturers are often chosen. Most of them would like their products to be purchased, and that everyone would benefit from as many of them as possible. The question is, do the majority take care of it properly? Samsung certainly does.

Surrounding oneself with devices of a given brand can be all the more pleasant if there are additional benefits associated with it, and these are brought by the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. One may be tempted to say that the Galaxy devices are a system of connected vessels. Yes, they can work independently, but together they can do more, they can guarantee the user more comfortable and effective work and facilitate a number of daily activities.

The best smartphone, not only for Christmas

Smartphones have become really popular gifts for the holidays. And not only the budget ones, but also the top shelf ones. Well, because when you give someone (or yourself) a gift, it is one that will give you a lot of joy, and in this case will also be a useful tool on a daily basis. Example? For example, the modern Galaxy S21 5G.

As befits a representative of the top series, it can boast of impeccable design and high-quality workmanship, including water resistance in accordance with the IP68 standard. The housing perfectly harmonizes with the Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with Full HD + resolution and refresh rate up to 120 Hz. Added to this is the HDR10 + support, the final visual effects are therefore excellent in terms of detail, colors, contrast and smoothness of the presented image. It is no secret, however, that in terms of displays, we are talking about a manufacturer that hardly any rival can match, especially if we consider the Galaxy S series.

Of course, design and a flawless display are not everything. But don’t worry, the interior is also flawless here. The performance of the Galaxy S21 5G is so great that it allows you to easily cope with all the tasks that can be currently put in front of a smartphone, not only NFC, but also 5G, as well as a great camera with wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses. This is a universal configuration that allows you to take a variety of photos, which is additionally helped by extensive software with interesting options and artificial intelligence. Fans of selfie and social networks will not be disappointed here either. And there is also a battery with the functions Super Fast Charging, Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and Wireless PowerShare. And the latter allows you to smoothly transition to one of the significant benefits of the already mentioned Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

Galaxy S21 5GSee what the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem is and enjoy the convenience of using the phone.

Share energy conveniently by charging your headphones or watch

Currently, not only smartphones are very popular, but also smaller gadgets such as wireless headphones and smartwatches. For owners of the Galaxy S21 5G smartphone, the Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds or the Galaxy Watch4 smart watch will be great companions. Why? There are many arguments, and one of them is a significant convenience in situations where there is a lack of energy.

I don’t think anyone likes it. And the malignancy of inanimate things means that we often have to deal with it at the most unfair moments. Wireless PowerShare allows you to charge headphones or a watch in a very simple way – by placing them on the back of the smartphone. No wires or looking for sockets, no problems.

Listening to music without a smartphone? Why not

The aforementioned Galaxy S21 5G, as befits a top smartphone, can also boast very good stereo speakers. Listening to music provides the right experience, but we do not always have or want to have a smartphone at hand. Then what? Well, your favorite playlist created on the streaming service can also be played directly from the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch. This is an ideal option, for example, for training.

Check out the wide range of Samsung accessories, including the Galaxy Watch4 smart watch.

But is it possible to count on good sound quality even then? And this is where the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headphones enter the scene, which can be paired not only with a smartphone, but also with a watch. The AKG company helped with their design, they have two-way speakers that reproduce clean high tones on the one hand, and deep bass on the other. Anyway, they also work great during conversations, regardless of the conditions, because they have three microphones and active noise reduction (ANC). They are small and light (only 5 g for each earpiece), available in 3 sizes and 4 colors, and offered in an aesthetic case. Everyone will choose them according to their preferences or preferences of the person they want to give.

A very interesting and practical feature offered by the Galaxy Buds 2 wireless headphones is also Auto Switch. I am talking about the option to easily and quickly switch from one Galaxy device to another. From a smartwatch to a smartphone, and from a smartphone to a tablet. Or in any order you choose.

Galaxy Buds 2Meet the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 wireless earbuds and enjoy clear sound wherever you are.

Payments and camera control from the wrist

Galaxy Watch4 can also be used for contactless payments, which are very popular in Poland. And it is hardly surprising, because it is an extremely convenient solution. Especially when you do not even need to reach for a smartphone, all you need is a smartwatch on your wrist and the Google Pay service.

Contrary to appearances, because for some it may not be obvious, a smart watch can also be useful when taking photos. How? The Camera Controller application available in the Galaxy Store will help here, thanks to which you can remotely access the smartphone’s camera and thus use the Galaxy Watch4 to check the preview of photos. This can be especially useful when framing and wanting to enjoy the perfect selfie or photo with the whole family or a larger group of friends. The Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch can also be useful at a business meeting or at school or university, during the speech it will allow you to remotely change the slides of the prepared presentation.

Stay connected with the world …

The Galaxy ecosystem also has automatically synced calls and messages. Having more than one device included in this family, you do not lose contact with the world even for a moment. In a situation where we do not have a Galaxy smartphone with us, you can pick up or reply to a text message using, for example, the Galaxy Watch4 or a tablet. Practical and comfortable at the same time.

… and work more comfortably

Just a minute, tablet? There was a time that such devices remained far overshadowed by smartphones and laptops. The pandemic, however, reminded us of how useful they can be. Oh yes, it is worth considering an interesting choice. For example, over the modern Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet, which seems to be one of the best proposals in terms of price-performance ratio.

As much as a 12.4-inch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels makes it very comfortable to watch movies on it, but also to work comfortably. Especially that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor and 6 GB of RAM are a very good set for Android and its dedicated applications. The S Pen is a great help to work, write, draw and use creative ideas.

Also in this case, we can talk about additional benefits of having other Galaxy devices. It is about cooperation with the aforementioned headphones or synchronizing calls and messages, but also about increased productivity. For example, due to such options as moving websites or fragments of selected text between a smartphone and a tablet. For the possibility of continuing work with applications started on one device and finishing on another.

Galaxy Tab S7 FEUse the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem and connect your mobile devices to easily and conveniently work on them at the same time.

The article was written in cooperation with Samsung

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