how is the new commercial that has the Argentine star as a double protagonist

There are a handful of sportsmen who have become global icons. And among them there is probably no one more known than Lionel Messiwhich does not go unnoticed in any corner of the planet.

Everything Leo does is news, and in the case of the new advertising spot for MasterCard – which has just been released and in which he is the protagonist – should receive double, since in it Messi meets Messi.

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: through Artificial Intelligence, Messi meets a younger “me”, to review the impact that football continues to have on his life, spreading his passion for the most popular game in the world.

The video, which Messi posted on his Instagramis part of a campaign by the MasterCard to celebrate its continued support for the Uefa Champions League, competition that Messi won four times. In Latin America and the Caribbean, it forms part of campaigns in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, and is available at

“My dream has always been, since I was little, to become a professional football player. I never imagined that I would end up going to Barcelona at 13… But the truth is that I arrived very young, and it was not easy,” Messi said.

“I had to leave everything behind, my life in Argentina, my friends, my family. I had to overcome many doubts and fears to get to where I am today, honestly much more than I imagined as a child. But I can thank the passion and love that sorry for this sport”.

In the name of MasterCard, its CMO-Global, Raja Rajamannar, also spoke about the new commercial: “We are delighted to join forces with our global brand ambassador, Lionel Messi, and share his love for football: it is an invitation to follow our passion and prioritize the that is important, something that resonates especially at this time,” he said. “We want to celebrate the worldwide interest in football in the final of Uefa Champions League in Paris, which will be played later this month, and bring fans closer to their passions”.

To bring young Messi to life, the production team used a new Visual Effects (VFX) method called “neural rendering“, first used for a commercial, under the leadership of the VFX supervisor at The MillThiago Porto, specialist in the subject.

In other words, a synthetic render, the final digital image, was developed using Artificial Intelligence, rather than the traditional way, by computer graphics.

In this process, the data with thousands of references of the young Messi is first loaded into an AI platform. Along with photos, videos and sounds of Leo’s movements, videos of actors with similar characteristics to the football player are also uploaded and, with all this information, the Artificial Intelligence platform produces a final digital image, which is then used in the images along the way. alive that appear in the commercial.

No one better than Messi to describe the result: “The technology is amazing! When I showed it to my family and friends, they couldn’t believe it! Seeing me interact with my younger self gave me goosebumps. It’s always a pleasure to interact with kids, but the what technology has done to represent Messi as a child is remarkable,” Leo said.

“I wish real life would give me the chance to get to know my younger self to give him confidence and tell him that all the hard work and sacrifices will pay off one day, and that he’s still playing the game he loves.”

Beyond the technical aspect, however, what transcends is the message that Leo Messi wants to convey: “My message is a classic, but I think we all need to hear it and remember it from time to time: that although life changes, and the world around us too, we need to embrace our passions and the things that matter most. It’s those passions that can drive you forward and help you in any situation. Because we’ve all been through a lot in the last few years, and it never is. It’s more important than now to embrace life and prioritize what matters most to us. I hope many can reconnect with the child in all of us and inspire them to go after their dreams.”

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