How many foreigners pay contributions in Poland? ZUS data

– The number of foreigners paying social security and health insurance contributions may reach 1 million in January 2022 – Gertruda Uścińska, the president of the Social Insurance Institution, announced on the radio TOK FM. She added that currently approx. 872 thousand people are covered by social insurance. foreigners, and health insurance – 918 thousand.

– I think that (…) we will reach a million sometime in January, although we have to take into account the fact that in this winter period, this dynamics will be a bit smaller – said Uścińska. She emphasized that the number of foreigners covered by social insurance is constantly growing.

– We currently have about 872 thousand foreigners in the register (persons covered by social insurance). that is by 202 thousand more than in February 2020, i.e. before the outbreak of the pandemic. On the other hand, foreigners (…) in general, there are over 900,000 in the health insurance register, i.e. 918,000, so there has been a really large increase in the last few years – assessed the President of ZUS.

The number of Poles abroad is decreasing

In October, the Central Statistical Office announced that at the end of 2020, about 2.2 million permanent residents of our country temporarily stayed outside Poland. This means a decrease by 176 thousand. compared to 2019. Mainly the number of Poles residing in Great Britain decreased, while in other European countries the changes were slight.

Among the EU countries, the greatest number of Polish emigrants stayed in Germany (706 thousand), the Netherlands (135 thousand) and Ireland (114 thousand), according to the estimates of the Central Statistical Office.

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