How much can the coin be worth with the bee? Here is the expert’s answer

In this article we will talk about a rather ancient Italian coin, which dates back to 4 September 1919. On this date the Mint of Italy authorized the minting of a very particular coin, the famous coin with bee. At that moment the Kingdom of Italy was perhaps in its moment of maximum splendor, and this coin is certainly the most famous testimony.

We are talking about the 10 cents called “Ape”, copper coins that today can have a modest value. If you happen to come across some old coin collector, you’d better look for this unique coin, you might end up with a small fortune!

The evaluations of the experts

Before going into it and discovering the value of the coin in question, it is important to describe its characteristics in order to allow all of you to recognize it. The particular design that they show on one side, depicting a bee on a flower, have earned them the nickname of “10 cents with the bee“Or, more simply,”10 cents bee“. Still, although the design is easy to recognize, it is important to know some details useful for recognition.

In fact, on this coin we can see, on the “straight” side, the head of King Vittorio Emanuele III (as written all around) turned to the left. Although almost invisible to the naked eye, the engraver’s name (Attilio Silvio Motti) is shown at the base of the King’s neck.

On the side of the “reverse”, however, as mentioned, we find the representation of a bee resting on a flower. The letters that flank it have a very specific meaning: the R stands for Rome, or the city in which she was minted. Below we find the year of minting and, finally, the face value (in this case, 10 cents).

Experts report that almost 400 million of these coins are in circulation: their value is not exorbitant also because, being made of copper, they tend to deteriorate very easily. But if in a state of uncirculated a single coin it can be worth up to 20 euros, a more than respectable figure for a coin with a face value of only 10 cents. In case you are interested in buying them, by collection or as a gift, we advise you to take a look on Ebay where it is not at all difficult to find them.

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