how much consumes the red light on?

With the spread of recent methods to save on energy bills, many are beginning to know that appliances on stand by, that is, with the red light on, have a consumption. But how much do they consume one by one? Let’s try to find out together in the following article.

A appliance is on standby when it turns out to be somewhere between operation and shutdown. The function is recognizable thanks to a light, usually red, which lights up and gives the signal. This condition of household appliances consumes energy and is often one of the causes of excessively expensive bills that reach Italians.

But how much exactly do the appliances consume in stand-by? Let’s delve into the matter together in the following article.

Appliances on standby: how much do they consume?

Domestic appliances

Let’s see first what is the consumption of household appliances placed in stand-by conditions. Nowadays in everyone’s homes, there are many latest generation devices, which allow them to be placed in stand-by, ie with the red light on. These, unlike the total shutdown, consume a lot of energy, raising the cost of the bill.

Let’s see how much the main appliances consume in stand by:

  • Microwave oven: about 27 kWh;
  • Video game console: about 10 kWh;
  • Electric coffee maker: 8 kWh;
  • TV: about 5 kWh;
  • Cordless: 2.9 kWh;
  • Desktop computer: from 1.5 to 5.5 kWh;
  • Charger: 0.26 kWh.

These are the ones that consume the most, and they are all present in the homes of Italians.

Bills: how to save?


Now let’s see some precautions that can be followed for try to save on the cost of bills, taking into consideration what was previously stated on appliances on stand by. A first good habit could be to unplug the charger once it has been used.

Another method of saving is that of use multi-socket power strips. With these it will be possible to more easily manage the number of devices that you want to keep on or in any case turn off all the appliances in stand-by simply by pressing the appropriate button.

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