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In 2020 Robert and Anna Lewandowscy were placed in the 80th place in the ranking of the richest, and in the latest ranking they fell to the 92nd position, but their fortune has increased significantly.

It is worth mentioning that 3 years ago the Lewandowscy were also on the 5th place in the list compiled by “Wprost” the most influential Poles, ahead of Zbigniew Ziobro, Jacek Kurski and Jerzy Owsiak, among others.

Robert Lewandowski, the best footballer in the history of Polish sport, winner of the European Golden Shoe, FIFA Footballer of the Year and UEFA Footballer of the Year, and his peer, Anna, world champion and multiple medalist of the European and Polish karate championships, trainer and nutritionist, cosmetics producer Philov and dietary foods are believed to be the most influential “power couple” of Polish show business.

In interviews, they are happy to emphasize that they grew up in poverty, in homes without fathers, and Robert’s first bonus at the Znicz Pruszków club was barely enough for a holiday in Egypt. As Anna recalled, even when Robert had already signed a contract with a German club, she was still a waste of money for branded handbags. Fortunately, it somehow broke through over time …

Lewandowski, whose football origins date back to the Varsovia, Delta and Legia clubs in Warsaw, Znicza and Lech Poznań in Pruszków, is currently earning money in Bayern Munich. EUR 22 million a yearhowever, this is only part, and not the greatest part, of his income.

The Lewandowscy make a fortune on advertisements. Robert has signed contracts with Nike, Gilllette, Sead & Shoulders, Panasonic, T-Mobile, Huawei, Coca Cola, Oshee, Vistula, 4F and Hugo Boss, among others. Ania is the ambassador of the jewelry Apart, Calzedonia and, like her husband, 4F and Head & Shoulders.

The rate for a one-time promotion on one of the footballer’s online profiles fluctuates around 85,000 euros. The Lewandowscy’s earned money is multiplying by investing in real estate, a devolper company, photovoltaics, and recently also in gastronomy.

Robert opened his first restaurant in Browary Warszawskie, he also launched his own line of isotonic drinks under the name RL9Pro and RL9 coffee. He and his wife also run the Store9 media agency and invest in startups. Currently, the property of the Lewandowski family is estimated at PLN 565 million.

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