how much have savers decreased?

One of the effects of inflation and high bills is to reduce the propensity to save. In addition to the lack of money, the poor financial education of Italians should be noted, which does not allow them to invest money in the financial markets. Let’s see how much savings have dropped in Italy and how to resolve the issue.

According to the data on the savingsit is evident that Italians have great problems in being able to set aside a portion of the salary. Of all the workers in Italy, only 39% manage to put something aside, while for the others it is impossible to do this. The influence is also the poor financial educationwhich does not allow them to make the right choices.

Let’s see how this can be resolved in the following article.

Saving: it is essential to know finance


Let’s see first how important is financial education in the propensity to save and in the correct management of money by Italians. The research was also aimed at investigating the willingness of Italians to investigate financial matters: 89% believe it necessary that these disciplines are explained in school.

Furthermore, for 79.5% the jobs should reserve opportunities for learn about finance while another 63.2% think of savings it should also be discussed in recreational venues such as auditoriums, cinemas or theaters.

Work: who are the savers in Italy?


Let’s see now which categories of workers manage to set aside a share of their salary. The survey shows that the share of Italians it has is increasing spent more than he actually has available. This percentage went from 14.9% to 11.8%. The share of those who manage to save part of the salary has fallen sharply, now being at 39.1% while previously it stood at 44.9%.

The level is even worse than at the height of the pandemic, and this is very worrying. The data were collected during the month of June 2022 on a basis of about 4 thousand subjects.

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