How to know if they blocked me on WhatsApp? Some tricks!

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications. Millions of people communicate through this App, but in turn, thousands are blocked. Next, we tell you all the tricks to know if they blocked you.

When a person has decided that he doesn’t want to know anything about you, use the old reliable one: block you.¬†But the problem is that we don’t always realize if we are really restricted or not.¬†Even pride can be an important factor for not writing to the person directly.

But we often prefer not to do anything and stay with the doubt, but that is over. Now there are several options to know if a person actually eliminated you from your life. Or well, at least of its application and communication.

One of the options to know the blockage is that the photo of the other person no longer comes out. However, this can be misleading, since there are those who simply decide that their image is not visible, which does not necessarily have to do with you.

Another point is that you can no longer see your connection time.

Also, the application no longer allows you to call that person or receive your messages. Well, you will only see the envoy, but never the delivered one.

An extra point to note is that if that person blocked you, the messages during the block will never reach you, so add you later.

Another WhatsApp trick about crashes

But those steps are not everything. There is one more trick that lets you know if a person has blocked you. It is a group creation option where if you add that person and the application does not allow it, it means bad news: they have blocked you.

The App will indicate a message like this: “Could not add participant”.

In short, there are several options to know what has happened. You decide how to find out and if you really want to know.

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