How to make more bucks in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

We’re going to amass a fortune and become the richest man in Hyrule with the many ways we teach you how to earn more bucks in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to make more bucks quickly in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Having a nice pocket full of money makes life easier in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and because of that We are going to teach you different ways to get lots of money easily and quickly. Rupees, as many will know, serve as the main currency of exchange in Hyrule. To buy and sell all kinds of commodities. Very useful for buying armor, food, materials or even improvements or modules for the house.

In short, we will need several rupees for the various things we like on the way. It’s convenient to know as many ways to earn them as quickly as possible in order to implement them and amass a fortune as quickly as possible. Too We explain to you how to pass the value of each rupee by colors and we begin.

  • Green: 1 rupee.
  • Blue: 5 Rs.
  • Red: 20 Rs.
  • Purple: Rs 50
  • silver: 100 Rs.
  • Gold: 300 Rs.


We start with a fairly obvious section, but one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Many missions or secondary adventures give us a great reward for completing them. And in the case of secondary missions, somewhat shorter and simpler than the adventures, they will take us in no time to earn a good amount of money.

mission reward in zelda totk

mission reward in zelda totk

Any, If you have an exclamation mark in front of the dialogue in your mind, you might want to ask us something. Accepting a quest associates it with you “Travel Diary” So that we can consult him at any time.

Rs for wells

There will be a specific side mission that will make us quite a few bucks in the long run. A girl named Fera will give us a “passion for wells”In our case we first found it in the Pharaoh post well. He will give us 10 rupees for each well we find in Hyrule. there is Total 58 puzzles, and hence Rs 580 we can claim.

Farm Minerals, Ingredients and Food to Sell

Collecting materials, mining mineral veins or cooking meat, we can make a lot of money on sales. For example, Any recipe with game meat will always be worth more than any other recipe, and larger meat (XL or XXL) will be worth more.

Selling Items in Zelda Tiers of the Kingdom

Selling Items in Zelda Tiers of the Kingdom

in my case, If I had a lot of material left over, I would sell the surplus as well. For example, if you have hundreds of shiny seeds, you can sell twenty, without getting rich, you will add a few more. Although in this aspect We recommend that you never sell all ingredients, we may need them in the future to improve elixirs or clothing.

On the other hand, any star piece that falls, go sell itThey are useless for anything else and we will earn Rs 200 for each one.

mineral price

In the case of Pukhraj, Sapphire, Ruby or Opal, nothing is better than selling the leftover gems. Some are needed to upgrade the clothes to a fairly high level, but even then, you can save 5 of each and sell the surplus from there. Similarly you can also sell some amber, halite or bright stones.

  • Sky: 10 Rs.
  • Shiny Gems: 20 Rs.
  • Opel: Rs 30
  • Topaz: 80 rupees.
  • Ruby: 110 Rs.
  • Sapphire: Rs 150
  • Diamond: Rs 500

Note: Selling diamonds is highly not recommended if you want to create special or legendary weapons that are related to some side quests.

help kablit

Kabalit in Zelda Tiers of the Kingdom

Kabalit in Zelda Tiers of the Kingdom

We will find Kabalite throughout Hyrule holding the poster of the president of Karid ConstructionsThat’s why they don’t fall. If we stop to help you and support the signal with some small support build, you will reward us, Using the ultrahand And by connecting nearby objects we will make it possible to stay on the release and thus solve small puzzles throughout the area.

Usually he will give us 20 rupees, a meal and an item, like a bomb flower. We won’t get rich that way, but at least we’ll win something, it’s fast and fun.

rupeejos mara

Rupees, like Breath of the Wild, can be a very profitable small source of money. Even more so if we know how to catch them and get all the money out of them. We easily talk about 30 to 80 rupees.

Rupinejo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rupinejo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rupinejos are bright blue rabbits that we can find randomly throughout Hyrule. They will drop several bucks if you hit them with a weapon or arrow, but they are very fast, and will start running if they come across us or detect their presence. For this reason, we recommend that you jump from a more or less high place. Therefore, Taking advantage of the time dilation with the bow, we can shoot it several times until it releases everything we have.

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