How to pay for the A4 and A2 motorways in Poland? Here are 6 ways!

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At the beginning of December, the method of tolling on toll sections of the A2 and A4 motorways in Poland changed. Instead of at the gates, drivers will pay for their fares via the app or at gas stations.

The new system allows you to pay for the toll section of the A2 and A4 motorways using the e-TOLL and e-TOLL PL BILET and other mobile applications. In addition, it is possible to purchase a “physical” ticket at stationary points of sale.

How to pay for the A4 and A2 motorways in Poland?

To pay for the A4 and A2 motorways in Poland, you can use the following payment methods:

  • app It treats our smartphone as a gel-locating device and – theoretically – we pay the toll in real time. However, this application requires quite complicated registration in the Internet Customer Account (trusted profile required) and prepayment. In addition, the application must run throughout our journey on the motorway.
  • app e-TOLL Ticket. It’s a simpler alternative to It allows you to buy a ticket valid for 48 hours on a specific route chosen by the driver. It requires installation on the phone, but unlike, it does not track the driver. The ticket itself can be purchased in advance – even 60 days before the planned trip. The solution also makes it possible to pay for a ticket with a date up to 3 days back. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store, for example.
  • app Spark. Until now, this was mainly used for wireless payments. After adding a credit card, you can select the section you are interested in and pay for the ride. For example, you do not need to top up your account with a prepayment (as in It is also possible to purchase a ticket for another person (e.g. an older person who does not support smartphones and applications) and to purchase several tickets in advance, if necessary. Additionally, in the event of a change of plans, it is possible to return the ticket before its validity period begins. Spark, just like e-TOLL Ticket – does not collect information about the location of the user’s phone.

What are the penalties for the lack of tolls for A2 and A4 in Poland?

There is a fine of PLN 500 for not having a ticket on the motorways. The owner of the vehicle will get it, but can later indicate who was the driver. The fine will be reduced to PLN 400 if it is paid within 7 days of being notified of the ticket issuance.

A fleet of 102 police cars will take care of the toll control – mainly Ford Focus and Transit, which have camera sets to identify license plates. Their recognition in the system will allow you to instantly check whether the driver of a given vehicle has paid the toll. Officers can carry out checks while driving without having to stop.

We should also mention that with the permanent lifting of the barriers, the organization of traffic in front of the gates will also change. There will be three lanes on A2, and four on A4. The permitted speed at former toll plazas will be limited to 50 km per hour.

On which sections A4 and A2 are payable?

Here are the toll sections of the A4 and A2 motorways:

  • A2: Konin – Świecko, a total of 255 km
  • A2: Konin – Stryków, 99 km in total
  • A4: Krakow – Katowice, 61 km in total
  • A4: Wrocław, Bielany Wrocławskie – Sośnica, 160 km in total

On which sections A4 and A2 are free of charge?

Here are the free sections of the A4 and A2 motorways at the moment:

  • A2: Poznań West – Poznań East
  • A2: Sługocin – Zdżary
  • A2: Arynów – Ryczołek
  • A4: Jędrzychowice – Wrocław Bielany
  • A4: in Gliwice
  • A4: Gliwice-Sośnica – Katowice-Murckowska
  • A4: Krakow – Korczowa


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