How to play Roblox Regretevator

If you’re looking for a game that offers both endless fun and terrifying jump scares, look no further than Roblox Regretevator. In the game, you and other players on the server are transported to a building with countless floors, and you must solve puzzles, evade deadly NPCs, and progress to the next level.

Getting started in any game can be challenging, and if you decide to take the funky lift in Regretevator, you’re going to need all the help you can get. This guide will help you get familiar with the in-game controls, core game mechanics, and some insightful tips to help you become a better player.

What exactly is Roblox Regretevator?

Experience the excitement of Regretevator (picture from Roblox)Experience the excitement of Regretevator (picture from Roblox)
Experience the excitement of Regretevator (picture from Roblox)

At the heart of Regretevator is the never-ending feeling provided by a well-crafted floor. As of now, there are 64 floors that you can jump in and explore with your friends. Keep in mind that these are not ordinary office floors, as the map includes locations such as Area 51, the Subway, Studio Obby, and more.

The problem is that the floors are in no particular order, they are randomly selected every time the elevator stops for a break. However, players can purchase specific floors and control elevators. On your way to the top, you’ll encounter a variety of non-player characters (NPCs); some will be chatty, others less so.

Here is an overview of all types of NPCs and how to identify them in Roblox Regretevator:

  • Hostile NPCs – If their name flashes in red, stay away from them as they are not in the mood for small talk and may end your virtual life. Be careful with them and try not to get too close.
  • Friendly NPC – Identify these NPCs with their green name tags, and you can get close to them and even have them jump into the elevator with you, as they play a vital role in the game.
  • Friendly but ground-bound NPC – These NPCs have a blue name tag and are very similar to the friendly NPCs we mentioned above; the only difference is that they cannot ride in the elevator with you and can only interact with where you find them.

How to start using Roblox Regretevator?

Run for your virtual life in Regretevator (Image from Roblox)Run for your virtual life in Regretevator (Image from Roblox)
Run for your virtual life in Regretevator (Image from Roblox)

After you’ve mastered what Roblox Regretevator has in store for you, you’ll also have to familiarize yourself with the basic controls in the game in order to navigate the floors with ease. Here’s a summary:

  • W, A, S, D: Use these keys to move your character in the game.
  • mouse: Use your mouse to look around, aim, and navigate in-game menus.
  • M1 or LMB: Use the left mouse button to interact with buttons and objects in the game.
  • space: Press the space bar to make your character jump.
  • Medium size: Press this key to open a menu to view preset controls, try them out, change them, or exit the game.

Here are some tips you must keep in mind when working with floors in Roblox Regretevator:

  • Stay alert—— When riding an elevator, consider staying close to friendly NPCs and keep an eye out for hostile NPCs.
  • Explore like a pro – Don’t stick to just one place; explore different floors and maybe you’ll stumble upon something epic.
  • Interaction, chat—— Start a conversation with NPCs, as some may reveal hidden loot, while others may just offer some fun banter.

Roblox Regretevator is an elevator adventure filled with surprises, wacky characters, and floors that range from the bizarre to the mind-bending. So, embrace the randomness, beware of hostile NPCs, and enjoy the elevator ride!

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