How to prevent mouth diseases?

During the course of life, teeth are exposed to various external agents, such as acidic or sugary foods and drinks, but also to bad habits that can compromise the health of the oral cavity.

Carried out at least once a year, check-ups at the dentist allow you to identify possible problems in time with the teeth, gums and mouth in general and treat them.

We talk about it with the Prof. Roberto WeinsteinScientific Director ofHumanitas Dentistry.

Bacteria as responsible for mouth diseases

As a rule, the main pathologies of the mouth appear due to poor oral hygiene or following incorrect use of tools such as brushing and flossing. These gestures lead to an increase in harmful bacteria.

The main culprits for this increase in bacteria are:

  • there dental plaque. It is a transparent film that covers the teeth. This substance can be removed with daily oral hygiene, brushing the teeth three times a day, using a brush and dental floss;
  • the tartar. It is the calcification of the dental plaque in correspondence of the gums, when it comes into contact with the minerals contained in the saliva. This substance is particularly difficult to eliminate independently and can be responsible for gum inflammation and pyorrhea;
  • the excessive consumption of sugars contained in food and drink. These foods feed the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

The importance of dental prevention

Home oral hygiene is not sufficient to avoid the onset of mouth diseases. Some diseases, in fact, are often asymptomatic and can only be identified by a professional during the visit.

THE periodic checks by the dentist, carried out at least once a year, are important to reduce the risk of caries formation, but also to avoid gum inflammation and keep teeth healthy.

During these checks, the dentist can indicate whether it is appropriate to carry out a professional cleaning of the teeth to remove tartar and superficial stains from the teeth, or possibly request in-depth examinations, such as radiographs, to have a broader clinical picture or evaluations with experts in the branches of implantology, dental prosthesis, orthodontics and oral surgery.

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