How to raise a child in the gender neutral trend

More and more parents believe that their children should determine their own gender. “No gender” or “gender neutral” upbringing is aimed at enabling people to grow up without assigned, often harmful, gender-related social roles.

Actress Julia Rosnowska is raising her son. He is addressed by the words “Little Man” or simply “child”. Rosnowska notices, that the toddler does not distinguish between sexes, they treat the names “boy and girl” or “mom and dad” interchangeably. For this reason, she decided not to define his gender in advance and give him time to decide for himself what he identifies with.

The asexual form of addressing the child is not the only principle of upbringing in the spirit of no gender. Other equally important ones include, for example, avoiding heteronormative gender perceptions. What does this mean in practice? Not imposing on your child things that don’t interest him. Not all girls play with dolls and not all boys collect cars. Let them choose themselves.

Another important rule is the equal treatment of girls and boys. Let us not favor any of the genders, let us not place higher expectations on just one of them. Let’s not say “boys don’t cry.”

Abroad, upbringing without gender differentiation was chosen, for example, by the model Emily Ratajkowski. When her baby was born, she stated, “We won’t know the gender until our baby is 18 years old.” Kate Hudson, Adele, Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana or Will Smith present a similar approach.

It is worth realizing that upbringing without gender differentiation is not limited to choosing forms that do not define the child’s gender. Above all, it is attentive to their needs and focusing on the child being able to be himself.

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