How to rediscover Woody Allen through his films

Woody Allen he is one of the most important directors and actors of modern cinema, especially if we talk about the humorous side of the seventh art. Born as Allan Stewart Königsberg in 1935, the New York filmmaker was able to effectively combine intellectual refinement and authentic gags, making films (of which he is often the protagonist) where vis comic it is also capable of arousing important ones reflections in the viewer. Alongside his prolific career, which leads him to an estimated fortune of approx 140 million dollars, the director and actor is also known for the scandals related to private life, above all the complicated and deleterious relationship with Mia Farrow and the subsequent marriage to her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Farrow Previnmarried in 1997. Today we retrace the main steps in the career of Woody Allengoing to rediscover the films that marked his fortune in America and in Europe (continent in which it has always had a huge following).

Take the Money and Run (1969)

After the debut in the world cabaretAllen kicks off his film career with What are you doing, stealing? (1966) but the first awards in the sector come with the direction of his second film: we are talking about Take the Money and Run. This brilliant comedy tells in the style of a fake documentary (“mokumentary“) The life of Virgil Starkwellinept and unfortunate bank robber played by himself Woody Allen. The actor initially proposes the direction of the film to the legendary comedian Jerry Lewisbut following the refusal of the latter for other commitments he decides to put himself behind the camera.

Love and War (1975)

A classic from the repertoire of Woody Allen, Love and war is set in 19th century Russia and tells the story of the clumsy and intellectual Boris Grushenko (Woody Allen), a young man forced to join the Tsar’s army and deeply in love with his cousin Sonja (Diane Keaton), married to a herring trader. The two then manage to have a relationship until Napoleon invades Russia and Sonja decides to involve her cousin / husband in an unlikely attack on the French commander. Love and war is a funny film full of memorable gags that are still part of the best of from Woody Allen.

love and war 1975

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Annie and Me (1977)

Woody Allen continues his golden age with Me and Anniesubsequent film ad Love and War and other unquestionable classic which consecrates the director among the greatest American filmmakers. The plot revolves around the relationship between the writer Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) e Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) in a sort of long psychoanalysis perpetrated by the protagonist, committed to understanding the reasons for the end of the relationship. This film, as well as a great success full of eternal jokes, is the first where Allen use voices oversan expedient that will make the fortune of other subsequent films as well.

Manhattan (1979)

Considered by critics one of the greatest works of modern cinema, Manhattan it blends the vis comic presented in Me and Annie and the drama of Interiors (1978), successfully proposing a synthesis of the two souls of director. The film tells the story of Isaac Davis (Woody Allen), a television writer who has survived a divorce and who falls in love with two women: the journalist Mary Wilke (still played by the muse Diane Keaton) and the much younger Tracy (Mariel Hemingway). Who saw Manhattan he knows, however, that part of the film’s appeal is due to spectacular look that the director throws on the homonymous New York district, told as if it were one mirror of the protagonist’s soul.

Hannah and her sisters (1986)

Hannah and her sisters features a real all-star cast in addition to the protagonist / director Woody Allen: we find in fact Michael Caine (who will win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor thanks to his performance), Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Hershey, Lloyd Nolan and many others. The film tells of three sisters (who give rise to the title) committed to continually confronting each other on the front of the conquest of men. The film conquers no less than 7 nomination to the oscars and is considered by the same Woody Allen as one of his best works, as well as being one of the director’s biggest box office hits thanks to the overall collection of 40 million dollars.

hannah and her sisters 1986

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Broken Harry (1997)

Harry in pieces it is not a random film in the path of Woody Allen: the film arrives exactly close to a period of creative crisis of the director, who as he approaches the new millennium feels more than ever the posting between his own intellectual humor and the needs of the audience. And that’s how he directs (and interprets) the writer’s story Harry Block, that just as Allen is facing what is very well defined as a “spiritual bankruptcy”. The film is a dark e hectic analysis of the neuroses of a Woody Allen engaged in the personal search for a dimension in which to fit.

Match Point (2005)

To conclude this overview of the career of Woody Allen here is a film where he does not appear as an actor, but of which he is “only” the director. Social drama out of the classic canons of the filmmaker, Match Point it is a great success that collects 23 million dollars back home and rehabilitates Allen’s name at a time when he was widely regarded on sunset boulevard. The story revolves around Chris Wilton (Jonathan Meyers), an Irishman of modest origins who, thanks to his “luck” seems to find a better life, but who will be upset by a double love relationship. The film is also remembered for the remarkable performance of Scarlett Johansson.

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