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Zelensky insists on having Atacms long-range ammunition, but the position of the White House has not changed. In the next few days, meanwhile, the European training plan will be perfected which will allow the Ukrainians a greater rotation

The targets

Kiev – tells the Cnn he insists on having Atacms ammunition which would allow it to hit targets at a distance of 300 kilometers, a significant extension compared to the current 80 (maximum range for the rockets supplied to the Himars). To convince the Pentagon, the Ukrainians have formulated a proposal: we are ready to share the target lists with you, this to give reassurance that the weapons would not be used against Russian territory. The White House has so far vetoed it precisely because it is afraid of unleashing war reactions massive by the Kremlin. The resistance relaunches the appeal stating that with the Atacms it can affect the enemy rear in a more profound way and also mentions the installations from which the drone-kamikaze supplied by Iran depart, a medium that has increasingly appeared with greater frequency. In reality, this last detail looks more like a pretext than a necessity. At the moment, the US position does not seem to have changed and therefore the Ukrainian president Zelensky – barring surprises linked to developments on the ground – will not have the special ammunition. Instead he will receive four more Himars launchers and 200 Mrap armored vehicles, a calibrated support signal. Not a compensation, but a maintenance of the arsenal as the resistance advances and consumes.


The other note in the notebook concerns the European Union. The plan to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers will be finalized in the next few days. Poland, financed by the EU, should host the largest contingent, the rest will be welcomed in other countries according to criteria to be established. For now it has been specified that Germany will make its own large polygon available. The program in parallel to that carried out by Great Britain with the accession of half a dozen states that have offered instructors. The courses last about 4-5 weeks and cover urban combat, maneuvers but also first aid. These military will be key to take over for months at the front. it is essential to grant rest, oxygen, respite.

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