How to water orchids: best methods and tips

Much loved for their elegance, let’s find out how to take care of them: here are the best methods for watering orchids.

Watering orchids
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Orchids are plants of tropical origin, used to completely different climates from ours. For this reason, making them survive may not be easy at all. This is a good reason to choose native plant species, which can thrive in climatic conditions that are more favorable to them. If we really do not want to give up this plant, however, let’s go to the discovery of the best techniques for water the orchids.

How to water orchids: the methods

Orchids are plants native to the tropical and subtropical areas of the Asian and American continents.

Orchid water
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Until a few decades ago, their cultivation was the exclusive prerogative of the elite: to keep them alive, in fact, it was necessary to have a greenhouse or an environment that allowed the temperature and humidity to be modulated.

Over time, less delicate hybrids were created, which they could survive apartment life. However, this does not mean that these plants are not exactly easy to care for, and therefore prove to be completely unsuitable for beginners and those without the proverbial green thumb.

In any case, it is enough to adhere to a few simple rules regularly to ensure that they can grow and thrive. Among these, the administration of water to the plant plays a fundamental role. How to water orchids? Let’s answer this question together, listing the most effective techniques.

When should the orchid be watered?

First of all, it is essential to understand when the time has come to water our plant.

What should we pay attention to? A fundamental indicator that reveals a lot about the hydration of the plant organism is its soil, which should always be kept moist.

So, it will be enough to observe it and feel it: if it turns out dry and dusty, we will have to proceed with the administration of water. If not, we will have to wait: otherwise, the orchid’s roots will rot.

The nebulization method

How to water orchids? The first method is that of nebulization: instead of pouring tap water directly into contact with the soil, it will be necessary to insert it into a bottle.

After that, we will have to spray the liquid, directing it to the roots and avoiding wetting flowers and leaves. We can repeat the operation several times a day, nebulizing the plant in moderation.

This will allow us to control the quantity of water administered with greater precision, without risking to exceed.

The diving technique

Finally, another method with which we can water our orchid is that of immersion.

Just fill a basin with water, inside which place the pot that houses the plant. The roots will draw the liquid they need, hydrating by osmosis.

In this way, we will ensure that only this part of the plant organism comes into contact with the water and that the absorption does not reach excessive doses, compromising the health of the orchid.

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