How Verstappen and Hamilton can claim the title this weekend

The racing weekend looks very promising, and we already had a foretaste of what fans can expect at the Saudi Arabian GP.

Although Hamilton and Verstappen each have 369.5 points, the psychological advantage is on the Dutch’s side due to the greater number of wins, which, for the same number of points, gives priority to the Red Bull driver’s championship crown. The ace of the Milton Keynes team has been on the top of the podium 9 times this year, while Lewis Hamilton only 8 times.

In this case, the possible scenarios are limited and basically boil down to the fact that to win the title, Hamilton must finish the Abu Dhabi GP “on points” and ahead of Max Verstappen.

The only exception is the situation in which Hamilton would finish in 9th place and Max Verstappen in 10th, and would score an additional point for the fastest lap of the race. In such a situation, the drivers will level up again, but the fate of the title in favor of Verstappen will be determined by the number of victories in the season.

If Verstappen finishes the race at Yas Marina outside the goal zone and Hamilton is 10th, even the Dutchman’s fastest lap will not give him a sufficient advantage as the point for the fastest lap will only be awarded to the first 10 drivers at the finish.

If none of the contenders cross the finish line, Max Verstappen will be the 34th F1 champion in his career for the first time in his career. However, the problem may arise if such a situation occurs not due to technical faults, but a controversial collision.

History and not so distant remembers how the championship was decided by such controversial games. The most famous crashes, of course, are those involving Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, who took the title in 1990 by deliberately crashing into the French’s car at the start of the Japanese GP after Prost had done a similar but much slower corner a year earlier.

History also remembers the actions of another racing legend, Michael Schumacher, who won his first title by controversially hitting Damon Hill’s car on a street circuit in Adelaide.

In 1997, at the track in Jerez, Schumacher also tried to push his rival from the track, this time Jacques Villeneuve, but after the race, the FIA ​​disqualified the German, depriving him of the second place in the championship standings.

A long time has passed since then, but the FIA ​​has not been idle and has provided itself with a wide range of possibilities to punish drivers for such plays. However, no one wants the collision between the world championship leaders to overshadow the entire season of such an intense battle.

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