How was PS5 born? Mark Cerny talks about the creation of the next-gen PlayStation

The main PS5 engineer decided to present the process of creating PlayStation 5 in very matter-of-fact words. Mark Cerny tells about the different stages of the development of the next-gen device and introduces the most important elements of the console.

The PS5 hit the market last year, but the Japanese corporation’s console is still difficult to access. Sony is struggling to bring more pieces of the platform to the market, but the situation is not easy, because the market lacks components that allow the company to develop new models of equipment.

Mark Cerny quite unexpectedly decided to appear in the WIRED editorial office, which was revealed by the entire process of creating PlayStation 5. At the beginning, engineers participate in a brainstorming during which employees use three lists: functions that could not be implemented on the previous generation, interesting ideas from employees all kinds of fan concepts.

Sony knew it had to add to PlayStation 5 the SSD expected by many – Mark Cerny even mentions the words of the head of Epic Games, who mentioned that HDDs hold back the development of the entire industry. The PlayStation representative presents all the advantages of SSD, and then goes to the processor, mentioning backward compatibility, GPU, ray tracing, 3D sound and the material could not miss the details of the DualSense controller.

This is an interesting summary of information, but I have the impression that this material should appear a few weeks before the premiere of PlayStation 5 – then Mark Cerny bore the industry talking for over an hour about the SSD drive.

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