How we broke up at the end of Emily in Paris 2

Emily in Paris is about to return with new episodes and a season ready to revolutionize forever the series and the life of the most famous American in Paris in the world. But before we delve into Emily’s (Lily Collins) new Parisian life as she grapples with loves new and old, a dream job that’s undergoing a change, and some very important choices to make about her future, let’s take a step back to remember how we broke up at the end of Emily in Paris 2.

How Emily ended up in Paris 2

The second season of Emily in Paris brings the protagonist of the story to a turning point in her life. Sylvie, the boss of Savoire, where Emily works, decides to quit after Madalene, the American boss of the company who arrived from the United States, decided to revolutionize Savoire’s business approach and make it more “American”. Thus, the former boss of Savoire decided to slip away and also take away his trusted collaborators, however, keeping Emily in the dark about everything, at least initially. Once the young marketing expert learned of this unexpected dismissal of her boss and her former colleagues, she was shocked but Sylvie’s collaboration proposal immediately arrived and she is ready to open a new company and take the his old customers. In fact, the woman would like Emily with her but the girl remains undecided until the end because her American boss has promised her a promotion and a new life in Chicago. Emily’s private life also finds itself at a turning point. Even if the American is grappling with a relationship with the English Alfie, Emily understands that she has always been in love with Gabriel but, when she goes to him to declare her love and the possibility of staying in Paris forever, she discovers that he is back with Camille and has asked her to move in with her. So, distraught, Emily finds herself wandering the streets of Paris in tears, but she finally comes to make a final decision about her future. So, in front of the Seine, Emily calls Silvye to communicate her decision and that’s how she ends Emily in Paris 2.

When does Emily come out in Paris 3

The new episodes of Emily in Paris 3 will debut on the streaming platform’s catalog on December 21st in all countries where the service is active.

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