Hungary: Hospital will donate Christmas trees to those who receive the COVID-19 vaccine

St. Franciszka initiated a campaign to encourage vaccinating those who have not yet decided to do so. The vaccinated person will receive the sapling after the second dose.

The hospital received 500 trees in boxes as a gift. Each is 40-60 cm tall.

Principal Emil Toldy-Schedel stated that the hospital, as a church facility, would like families to celebrate Christmas together in health and safety. – We believe that thanks to this gesture, more people will understand that their decisions affect not only their own lives, but also their families and loved ones – he said.

In Hungary, where only about 60 percent have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine so far. population – there is now a Vaccination Week, during which you can apply for an injection without prior reservation. Most people come for the third dose, which has already been received by 2 million 153 thousand. people, although they are also eager for the first or the second.

The latest data show a significant increase in new coronavirus infections in Hungary. A record number of them was recorded on Wednesday – 12,637 in one day, and on Thursday the second highest result was recorded – 12,165. Covid-19 patients are still dying. 185 people died during the last 24 hours.


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