Husband and wife in a boat against a bricola, thrown into the water and hit by the propellers

Nautical accident around 5 pm on Saturday afternoon along the Novissimo canal in Conche di Codevigo, near Valli di Chioggia. Wounded by the propellers of their boat, after being thrown into the water, they were Pianiga’s husband and wife. Both helicopter transported to hospital, he to Mestre and she to Padua, they are in serious condition but not life threatening. Two helicopters landed on the spot after the accident to rescue them, which initially suggested the worst regarding their condition.

It all happened when the motorboat on which they were traveling, leaving behind the Paduan stretch of the watercourse at Conche, crashed into a bricola. Due to the violent impact, husband and wife were thrown into the water while the boat ended up with the bow above the wooden poles that delimit the canal. The firefighters of Chioggia arrived on the spot with a lagoon fire engine. In the meantime, the firefighters had left from Piove di Sacco with the rubber dinghy while the Drago 71 helicopter loaded the divers and the core of Vicenza.

It was feared the need to plumb the watercourse, which is difficult to navigate with larger boats due to the shallow water. Husband and wife, both in their fifties, were hospitalized separately. After his arrival at the Angel, he was expected in the operating room by the specialists of the team who intervened for multiple wounds in his legs, not particularly deep.

Accident in the boat, injured spouses near Valli di Chioggia-2

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