Hyundai i20N Performance – racing and city driving

2021, the press release of Continental sports tires on the Contidrom test track: the racing pitches for the fast, dry track are polished Toyota Supra and – a sign of the times – not the Golf GTI, not the Audi, but the Hyundai i30N. Anyone who has driven this model knows that it is an extremely successful, well-rounded and serious opponent for the GTI version of the Golf, which was once almost unrivaled in its class. Now this Golf’s unbeatable performance is a thing of the past, but as you can see, that was not the last word of the Korean brand: now, next to the i30N, we have a smaller, but not worse made i20N.

Hyundai i20N Performance – who is this car for?

In the most powerful version of the Performance Hyundai i20 N is almost the top in its class hot hatchette equipped with a limited slip differential, lowered, reinforced and hardened suspension, powerful brakes for this size of the car and a 204 HP engine with a maximum torque of 275 Nm. The engine has a fair 4 cylinder – something that is not only not obvious these days, but also infrequent even in larger cars.

Well, this is a car for people who like cars, know a little about them and expect something more than a chassis with wheels, engine and a rainproof box. And they are ready for a little (but really little) sacrifice that goes hand in hand with driving a car with extraordinary performance. Of course, this is a car for a person who needs a small car – maybe a second or third – for the city, for play, maybe for the track.

Hyundai i20N Performance – car characteristics

Wide bumpers, side skirts, a prominent rear spoiler, diffuser, red accents, “N” badges, 18-inch wheels, lowered suspension – the dynamic style is accentuated all too well. Inside we have (almost) bucket seats, five doors and a large, 350-liter luggage compartment. The car is definitely suitable for the madness on the track, its potential is very difficult to use on the public road, but if someone wanted to use the car politely and every day, there is no such inflection in the i20N that would preclude such everyday use. A bit harder suspension and slightly stronger bumps, a bit more growling – that’s it. On the other hand, if we have a piece of the highway to work, then in this small car at 140 km / h we will be driving with complete peace. It sticks to the road as if glued, and is as stable as a “civilian” car at least a size larger.

Hyundai i20N Performance – room for passengers and luggage

At the front – no comments. There is enough space on the back seat for two adults, but to say that these are comfortable seats is an exaggeration. Especially there is not much space between the seats and the floor. The trunk – for this class of car – great, and the backrests of the sofa can be folded (the flat floor is not created, however), then the cardboard box with the TV will fit.

Hyundai i20N Performance – interior

Leather and fabric upholstery is pleasing to the eye and solidly sewn. In general, the interior is rich for a car of this size. The plastics are quite stiff, which can be considered a disadvantage, but everything is perfectly assembled. The size of the screens and the multitude of buttons are noteworthy, including some for activating sport driving modes. The knob on the gear lever, the metal riser and the covers on the pedals look pugnacious. Everywhere you look, you see “N” – on the steering wheel, on the seats – so you don’t forget that you have a lot of gas. The whole thing makes a good impression, and at the same time for beginners the cockpit may seem a bit difficult to use, overcomplicated. The screens are configurable in many ways, you can display overloads, engine torque, driving parameters – you can be busy while driving like in a computer game. I choose … the simplest, most classic view on the virtual cockpit, and on the middle screen … Android Auto.

Hyundai i20N Performance – how does it drive?

The 204 HP engine, which – as it was said – has “honest” four cylinders, behaves … like a unit of the old date: from 2,000 revolutions it pulls evenly and strongly up to at least 6,000, in one gear you can go from “slow” to ” fast ”and it does not have to be the same gear: you can easily earn the loss of the right on the 3, and you can also go on the 5 at 50 km / h. If another racer appears in sight, click the N button on the steering wheel, make a reduction – and we have the car set in aggressive sports mode. Little? You click with your right thumb on the red REV button and you enter the reduction mode with inter-gas gear: you hear you better and more “racially”, and the gears seem easier. Anyway, they always come in with resistance, but surely, exactly.

What is most appreciated about the i20N is cornering grip, because you don’t need high speed – as long as the corner is tight enough. You can’t quite feel it, but you can see it from the outside: the car eagerly “makes a doggy style” – it lifts the rear inner wheel and even in this position it passes through the bend as if stuck. The heart says: check the limits, but the mind warns: hey, you’re about to break the tires or do something worse!

Steering: slightly different from the regular i20 – more direct, harder, more precise. Some believe that the main competitor of the i20N, the Ford Fiesta ST, is even better in this respect.

As for fuel consumption, 8 liters per “hundred” in normal road traffic is enough – and so this level of fuel consumption means that the driver does not comply with the applicable speed limits in one hundred percent!

Hyundai i20N Performance – price and equipment

We officially start the conversation about i20N Performance from PLN 108,900 minus PLN 5,000. PLN rebate, the test copy “omkomowanie” costs 117 thousand. PLN (minus the same discount). Both expensive and inexpensive – the car is really well equipped and – above all – outstanding.

Hyundai i20N Performance – warranty and financing

The price includes a 5-year mechanical warranty with no mileage limit and a 5-year Assistance. Hyundai offers several financing options for individual customers, including: a loan with a balloon installment and a repurchase option, a regular loan without an initial payment (6-60 months, APR 8.12%), a 50/50 or 3×33 loan (financing period up to 10 years), you can also drive the Hyundai i20N on a subscription – without having to buy it with the option of replacing it with a new car for 24-60 months.

Hyundai i20 N – notes


At first glance, it shows its sporting potential and attracts attention. The sports version does not lose any of its practicality – there are five doors and a large trunk.

Rating: 5+


The turbocharged engine easily handles the 1.2-tonne car. It shows its best when it exceeds 3000 rpm. It is also suitable for leisurely driving.

Grade: 5


It turns well and brakes effectively. The car is quite stiff and gives a feeling of being in control.

Rating: 5+


Digital clocks offer tons of personalization options. An extensive multimedia system with an intuitive menu. Good Bose audio, CarPlay only works “over the cable”. You can also personalize … the sound of the engine.

Rating: 5+


Fuel consumption at the level of 7-8 l / 100 km is a decent result, taking into account the power and torque of the drive.

Rating: 4+


The driver is comfortable and the fun of driving distracts the attention from the shocks. The passengers are worse off, especially those in the back.

Rating: 4+


The i20 N Performance is more expensive than the Fiesta ST3 (PLN 105,400) and cheaper than the Polo GTI (PLN 114,090).

Grade: 5

Hyundai i20N Performance – specifications

Engine: type / cylinders / valves mp. benz./R4/16
Engine alignment transversely at the front
Power direct injection
Displacement 1598cc
Maximum power 204hp / 5,500 rpm
Torque 275 Nm / 2000-4000 rpm
Gearbox / drive man. 6 / front
0-100 km / h; speed max. 6.2 s; 230 km / h
Average fuel consumption according to WLTP / test 7.0 l / 100 km / 8 l / 100 km
Co2 emissions 158 g / km
Capacity trunk / storage fuel 352-1165 / 40 l
Test tire size and brand. cars 215/40 R 18 / Pirelli P Zero HN

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