“I accepted to impress my children”

There are various ways to impress your children. And usually Hollywood actors choose to take a break from the scenes, to be closer to them. But Natalie Portman did the exact opposite, convinced that her new power role in Thor: Love and Thunder he would have impressed them: “Please go to work.”

That of Natalie Portman within the Marvel Cinematic Universe it seemed a work span now exhaustedafter its last appearance in the disastrous Thor: The Dark World a long absence in the cinematic universe followed, especially in the third chapter dedicated to the God of Thunder. In Ragnarok as in the other films she was barely mentioned, so much so that one would never have expected to see her return. With Mjiolnir in hand then, least of all. But now Mighty Thor is a reality and also one of the most anticipated characters in this film.

Surely the girl power and the new dignity given to the character could have played a role in Portman’s decision to return to the role of Jane Foster. Even more, then, if you have two children of 10 and 5 years respectively who certainly, like almost all their peers, are hardcore fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially if you want to impress them and, perhaps, be obeyed a little more at home.

In fact, these are the words of Natalie Portman to Variety’s microphones: “I feel like I’m at that stage of my career where i am really trying to impress my kids. My 5 year old son and 10 year old son were so fascinated by this process! They were able to visit the set and see me dressed in a cloak. It made it all really cool. You know, it is very rare for my children to say to me: ‘Please go to work!’. It is usually quite the opposite“. Meanwhile, the main characters in this new chapter take on even more importance as they discover that the Guardians of the Galaxy will just appear in Thor 4. What are your expectations for the film? Did the Thor Love and Thunder TikTok trailers worry you even more, for those unfamiliar with Taika Waititi’s style?

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