I Angelina Jolie in a bikini at 18 years old! Photo unpublished. And it comes with a surprise!


Angelina Jolie

February 16, 2020
(09:30 CET)

A few weeks ago, went to auction a few images of Angelina Jolie teen with only 18 years in a session in a bikini has been sold for an astronomical sum. And is the daughter of Jon Voigt already pointed ways in that time.

The images that were in the private collection of the photographer had been kept out of the reach of the people for 25 years. For this reason, the price has been enormous.

Angelina Jolie is not liked too much that came to light, though half the money was to onegés, something that caused at least the american actress will promote the auction.

Angelina Jolie 774

Angelina Jolie 772

Angelina Jolie 777

A few photos in bikini

What is certain is that those images, in bikini, in that it shows Angelina Jolie spectacular, are one of the few that we can see her in a swimsuit to the american actress who has always been very reluctant to show her body.

And is that in the last few years to the Angelina Jolie we have seen at the beach on several occasions and almost always with a few looks very remote to what is a bikini.

Angelina Jolie

Not without clothes

The actress of the united States has always been very jealous with your privacy and this month revealed that in the movies their naked normally did double of your body, something that surprised many.

Fact that makes the pictures of her in bikini young to gain something more of value since it is difficult to see Angelina Jolie with as little clothing.

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