“I could have become a musician. I chose football for a reason”

Since last year it became holder at the center of the defense of MilanPierre Kalulu that place has never abandoned him. The young Frenchman born in 2000 was perhaps Milan’s best surprise scudettoand this year also wants to establish itself as a solid certainty.

Interviewed by NSS Sports, Kalulu spoke at 360 degrees of himself as a player and as a person. These are his words:

There is a similarity between my style on the pitch and my style of dressing. Normally I try to always be very clean and elegant, only every now and then I try a more extravagant play, outside the box. Every so often eh, not too much otherwise Mr. Pioli gets angry (laughs, ed) ”

Kalulu Milan

If I hadn’t embarked on a career as a football player, I would have liked to work in some artistic field, as a musician or as a photographerI’m not sure how but definitely something that constantly stimulates me. I was pretty good at school too, except that football was so much evidence that I decided to take that path. The flip side of my curiosity is that I change interests very quickly

It was a great joy to arrive and win the Scudetto right away. We are all young in the team and we do not realize it, because when you start doing something and you succeed immediately it seems to you that that thing is very easy, but it is not like that. When you are a defender you have to like dirty work and risk as little as possible but every now and then trying something more with the ball gives you a feeling of joy.but then if you succeed you are too strong and if you fail you are too poor

I feel very little pressure. In my opinion the real tension, the one that blocks your belly you have to hear it as soon as you enter the field, not before. For example, if we play on Sunday at 8.45 pm, if it is not 8:35 pm I still do not feel anything, then I get the right sensations and I enter the match atmosphere.

Football in Italy is very important for the fans, so it’s right to give your all for them. Maybe when you are Italian and you always live in Italy it is a normal thing for you, but if you go abroad you understand how a very strong passion is“.

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