“I don’t know what Atalanta’s goal is. Is this the squad I expected? Of course not.”

Gian Piero Gasperinitechnician ofAtalantaintervened on the sidelines of the training open to the public: “Did I reply that the fans are right to say “We will win the tricolor”? I repeat, they are right because it is right to dream, but it is a pimp (laughs). I don’t know what Atalanta’s goal is, we see playing and along the way, there is a market that is still very open. These are the market dates that prevent us from having a more defined situation. “

Is it the rose you expected?
“Of course not, the objectives were certainly different, even if the company was very committed there is the feeling that the market is starting now. Some companies have strengthened, for others the market is starting now”.

What is it that does not satisfy you?
“It’s not that it doesn’t satisfy me, there are two objectives, namely to strengthen the team or, alternatively, to rejuvenate it. important … but the reality of the market is this, it is not that I discover it, it is evident to everyone. There is the second option of rejuvenating a squad that has found itself very numerous and the company has had difficulty moving, moreover not this year there are no cups, there is also a lower appeal “.

What season do you expect?
“We have to see him playing, along the way, it is evident that there are some teams that have further strengthened, it is clear that we have to start from the last 20 games of last year. There are not a few, then in the midst of those 20 games there were many alibis and many situations, from those we will try to start again “.

How did you see the team?
“We had to forget the elimination from the cups that burned, we wasted a lot at home during the last year. The boys, however, behaved well, in that respect they were exceptional, in a scorching climate they endured training in a remarkable heat, they were very good “.

Can the Palomino question bring Atalanta back to the defender market?
“We got some tiles right away, Demiral hopefully he will start racing tomorrow. Then also the question of Palomino, behind we are already in an emergency”.

How do you rate your last two games against Newcastle and Valencia?
“The team had a very positive pre-season, the two games with Newcastle and Valencia highlighted things we had seen for some time, it’s a squad that has given everything. In those stadiums there if you are not very compact and if you have no motivation come out with 4 baby food and go home, The team has held, they have narrowly lost two games that they can fit, but those two matches have highlighted some problems “.

What game do you expect against Sampdoria?
“You already start with an away match, then in the first few matches there is always great enthusiasm. It is a delicate match, to be taken with a grain of salt”.

“I never put him on anyone’s list, the last one was Palacio. From that moment on I never mentioned any names. Some did well right away, I made them play all those who arrived: I have I always said the roles I wanted, here there is always a lot of misinformation about this. I ask for roles, afterwards it is up to others to choose and evaluate, they know well how Atalanta play, then the players cost a lot. he still spent a lot “.

“Luca blamed it on me (laughs), but there are some economic aspects to be resolved”.

So the goals?
“I don’t know, in the end there are 38 games, like last year: we played the record first leg and then there was that second round. It’s hard to say, we need to play game by game. Me. I think about the technical aspect, the 20 games of last year are many and have highlighted certain situations. I don’t feel like setting a goal, then if things should work out no one has ever pulled back. This year we will see, what we will succeed to do, if we can keep up and play quality, are all things we need to improve. “

In the friendlies against the Spanish teams did we lose due to the preparation?
“In my opinion they are stronger, it is much simpler. We always put our heads in the sand, we fill our mouths, but they are more technical and make little mistakes, we reflect what Italian football is, perhaps at the club level we manage to do it. respect, but when you see similar situations you must have the right objectivity, it can be a stimulus. Always saying we are strong, but it is very risky “.

The goal from now to the close of the market?
“For me to score as many points as possible, then we hope that the club achieves all the objectives. If we cannot be very competitive, we hope to be able to enhance the players as much as possible. Now this is the reality, we have to work on that.”

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