“I Have Big Problems With My Self-Esteem”, Eiza GONZález Responds to All the Criticisms That Have Been Made of Her

The actress Eiza González revealed to her followers that suffering criticism from the age of fifteen has generated self-esteem problems until today

Eiza González opened up to her fans and was sincere throughout life on Instagram, telling how the criticism affected her since the beginning of her career.

The actress and singer Eiza González is at the peak of stardom, living what she called ” the American dream ” with her participation in different Hollywood productions.

However, like all great artists, the actress did not start from where she is today but had her beginnings in soap operas, where she revealed that she suffered from great problems with her self-esteem as she was the focus of criticism for her appearance and her life private.

Despite being admired today, not only for her acting and singing talents but also for her beauty, that was not the case all the time.

Through a live broadcast on her Instagram account, the ‘Baby Driver’ actress spoke about the problems she had to face when finding herself in the public eye in her first leading role, in the soap opera ‘ Lola, once upon a time ‘.

Eiza González pointed out that the constant criticism of her physical appearance made by show business programs such as Ventaneando and the magazine TV Notes caused the severe self-esteem problems that she has been dragging from the age of fifteen until today.

“I remember what it was like to be (aged) 14, 15, how complicated that was and how difficult it was that you are defining yourself as a person, trying to understand who you are, and everyone has something to think and say about you,” said the actress, now 30 years old.

She mentioned that at the time she believed that her feelings towards criticism should be kept to herself and that she should endure bad comments since she considered that doing so was giving them more strength.

This, he said, created a wrong perception among the entertainment media of who he is as a person, by refusing to give statements to them, trying to avoid further criticism.

“I had to show that I was stronger, because if I spoke about my emotions, then I was not good enough, or I was not cut out for the industry

The actress declared that this takes more relevance today in the era of social networks because if at some point it affected more young people in the public eye like her, today no one is exempt from receiving bad comments.

 She added that remaining silent for so many years about her feelings towards criticism has resulted in problems opening up emotionally, mentioning being ashamed of showing herself vulnerable for the first time.

“If I was a public person can comment that it is extremely difficult for me, although I am successful, work, or whatever, even so, I have serious problems with my self-esteem, I have problems with my safety as a person (…) I would have helped a lot at that time ”.

Currently, Eiza González enjoys great international success, moving from the telenovela forums to the great Hollywood sets, including herself among the Mexican actresses who have most triumphed outside their country.

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