“I have done what I do.” TVN program director delighted with the transfer from TVP

– We know that we are not the first choice television for everyone and we will not force anyone to change it. But we will show him that if he likes jumping, he will see it from A to Z with us – says Edward Miszczak, TVN Program Director.

Grzegorz Wojnarowski

Grzegorz Wojnarowski

Edward Miszczak

Newspix / Stanislaw Krzywy / In the photo: Edward Miszczak

Grzegorz Wojnarowski, WP SportoweFakty: Are you nervous before the start of the new ski jumping season? You go out into waters that are almost unknown to you. TVN and sport are not an obvious combination.

Edward Miszczak, program director of TVN: Is not. So far, sport has always passed TVN’s nose. We could never obtain interesting sports rights. They landed most often in our commercial competition. That changed with the advent of the Discovery group. Not only the rights to broadcast came to us, but also experience. Knowledge of how to integrate sport into the whole group.

We want to take advantage of new technological opportunities that are extremely important nowadays. We now have a lot of toys that plasticize the message. The second key thing for us will be emotions. Our commentators and journalists will take care of them. Marek Rudziński and Igor Błachut have excelled in this market for years. Rudziński introduced a sensational atmosphere of substantive commenting. We want to keep this atmosphere, but on TVN we will add a setting for fun, holidays, such as sports competitions. On the one hand, there will be a proven team from Eurosport, on the other, a TVN studio with Sebastian Szczęsny and Damian Michałowski. They both talk, they were radio stations after all, and the “controlled” radio winding works well on television. I think that all those “sick with jumps” will find something for themselves. And the one who is not a fanatic, but sometimes likes to watch them jump, will also be pleased.

Was it difficult to persuade Sebastian Szczęsny to come to you?

I wanted to get it off and I ran after it a bit. I do not want to upset those viewers for whom TVN is not the first choice station. Sebastian, a guy who has been working on ski jumping for 22 years, is supposed to be such an anchor for them, give them a sense of comfort. Was it difficult? I am a well-known trader on the market. I do not always win, but in this case I have achieved my goal. My arguments convinced Sebastian. One of them was Damian Michałowski as a partner. Gentlemen know, appreciate and like each other. I heard anecdotes from them, how they worked for competing radio stations and shared recordings during the coverage of the Olympic Games, or one wrote “a pass” to another. I think there will be chemistry between them in our studio.

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The first competitions you show will surely have a large audience, because every fan will want to see the jumps in this new edition. See how you handle it.

It is clear. During the presentation of our “Sports Winter”, I told the president of PZN, Apoloniusz Tajner, to see how loud it was around the jumps due to the change of the broadcaster. It’s like a party at my aunt’s, to which a cousin brought his new fiancée. Everyone focuses on her, looks at her, and talks about her.

Are you not afraid that you are taking over the role of the most important television for skijumping when our biggest stars end their careers? And if there are no successors, interest in the discipline will drop significantly.

We were all scared that it could be like Formula 1. She was supposed to be with us, finally she went to the competition. When Robert Kubica was missing, few Poles were left with discipline. The vast majority lacked emotions, because if in a sport there is no Pole at a good level, the broadcast is watched a bit like the Television Theater. However, I believe that it will be good and that we will rejuvenate the group of recipients of ski jumping.


We will reach the audience differently. We have great channels on social media, on Facebook and on Youtube. There is also Player.pl, which will detach the jumps from a specific broadcast time. And among young people, video-on-demand platforms often outperform traditional television. Player.pl is also a place where we will talk about jumping stars more broadly than just in terms of sports. Today, the best athletes are big stars. It is important not only how good they are at what they do, but also what they wear, what social campaigns they engage in, and how their wives behave. Jumping will be very present with us. You will have to guard the refrigerator door to prevent them from entering it.

The VOD platform may not work in the event of jumps. In the case of movies, series, entertainment programs, offering them watching at any time is a big advantage. However, sports broadcasts already lose a lot if they are not watched live. When we know the result is already known.

Let me put it this way: there are many such sports events, the results of which we already know, and yet we wish we had nowhere to watch them. Because our package does not include one or the other channel, because this event was shown by a platform other than the one we trusted. You can buy all sports channels one by one, and still not keep up with the content. We want to present our content to viewers. Be polite towards them. We know that we are not watched by one hundred percent of the audience, that we are not the first choice for everyone. And ok, we’re not going to force them to change it. But we will show them that if they like jumping, they will see them from A to Z. It used to be said that content is king. This, however, is changing. The viewer is the king, and we want to strive for him. The strategy “come to us because we have rights” is the worst possible. Down with such media arrogance.

You mentioned that you are going to show jumping stars not only as athletes but as personalities. To do this, you will have to convince some Polish stars of the discipline to become more friends with the media. Not all of them are easy for journalists to work with.

First of all, not everyone who jumps well loves the media. Secondly, the level of journalists also varies. There are quite a few, sorry for the term, “microphone stands”. People who don’t have much in common with journalism. They can discourage an athlete and be very harmful to good journalists who come up with a specific, interesting question. But what if the athlete does not want to answer anymore. Media education of players would help, but the right level of people asking them questions too.

Earlier you said that everyone who is “sick” of jumping will find something for themselves. Are you also among these sick?

I have been watching jumping since I was a child, and I also suffer from football and volleyball. Recently, I have become fascinated by handwork, which has a lot of cool brutality. However, I think that sooner than manual we will get into speedway, probably soon. On the example of “Dzień Dobry TVN” I saw that when the best speedway riders appear there, the audience is definitely up.

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