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from Paolo Tomaselli

The former footballer, who will be a Rai face in the upcoming Qatar World Cup, tells of his popularity as a commentator: They write to me to ask me for advice on family and health. I believe faith has improved me

Mid 80s, dressing room of the Very young from Modena. One partner asks the other what he wants to be when he grows up. He answers the footballer. His friend urges him, disenchanted: But why, do you really think you can ?.

So what did you, Lele Adani, answer him?

Are we not here for this?

Always believe it, does it make a difference?

I didn’t have plan B, I gave everything to play football.

Was he a dreamer?

I had a dream, linked to what I felt in my heart. But I was also very practical and knew that nothing would come to me for nothing. An attitude towards life that I inherited from my artisan father and my mother, a worker.

Many wonder if she does it or does it. Do young people hear before adults that a true one?

I think of if, after all, I feel like them, because I was like that too, without idols or examples. I approached football with all purity and devotion to that magic. They feel how you treat matter and you can’t let them down. They value the attention you give them even in an exchange on the street. And this follow-up must be respected, a great responsibility, which I feel a lot.

Are there moments when you feel it most?

I receive all kinds of messages: people talking about their problems, at work, in the family, health. Or they ask for advice, help. all deeply human and the only regret not being able to answer everyone. But if I can, I always interact.

What was it like as a boy in San Martino in Rio?

Totally passionate and curious about everything around me. I would never have accepted no as an answer to my passion, rather I would have killed myself. Even as a player I asked for many things, with great respect. And I tried to listen a lot: I believe that this new job as a communicator comes from the ability to listen.

What training did the territory where you were born in?

We are peasants from the lower Reggio area, left-wing people who worked and believed in the values ​​of politics of the past, which my father saw in Berlinguer: I remember when he opened the fridge and said there is “too much stuff”. Everything had to be conquered and a lesson that stayed with me: you must deserve everything.

Are footballers better than people think?

I believe that a footballer, within a human path not yet completed for the young age, must live with idolatry on the one hand and with envy and malice on the other. And sometimes he struggles to handle this pressure. The power of envy is perhaps the greatest evil there is.

the same envy of those who say Adani is a prisoner of his own character?

This concept fueled by others who do my job and don’t take me for who I am, with my arguments, my opinion and my passion. My strength is that of having arguments, which does not mean having consent: I do not live for consent, I try to live for a sense of right that is given by my arguments and I always want to prove it. I feel that those who think differently often don’t focus on the arguments.

How did the divorce from Sky go?

In an almost incomprehensible way from the point of view of transparency: I was obscured without understanding the reason and the choice to separate was never explained to me. There was sneaky and disrespectful behavior.

Is it the fault of dualism with Massimiliano Allegri?

I can’t believe it. And I don’t even feel I doubt it. On the contrary, I believe that it has done well for communication in Italy, for fans and for Sky itself. For me this is communication: a confrontation that arouses interest and the possibility of thinking.

How is it prepared?

I don’t have a pre-established plan, I let myself be carried away naturally by a game, by an article, by an idea. Today there are many tools that allow you to respect the job of communicator.

Bobo TV your manifesto?

I think it has cemented a new way of communicating: the first difference in the fact that we have all the time we want and in that man always emerges, with his excess, his spontaneity, his freedom. Ours is almost a company, which comes out of the established rules, with attention to the most important aspect, which is the content. Otherwise people won’t follow you.

You are now also a Rai face and Bobo TV will land on the most institutional channel at the World Cup. Do you risk distorting yourselves?

The key is to be yourself, without holding on, without managing yourself, talking with your head and heart in the times that are granted to you. If not too easy: there are many former players talking, but the question “how many are interesting?” For me, few.

Doesn’t Cassano shoot them too big?

Antonio always extreme. He played for Real and in him there is always the purity of the boy from Bari Vecchia who does not forget where he started from. I think everyone finds it interesting: disruptive and takes responsibility for what he says, with his mistakes, his strokes of genius, his excesses.

Do you read other things besides those related to football?

I regret not having studied, because I had no passion. I have a communication from the street, not from school. I do with what I have, to fulfill my task: to bring people closer to football.


I think faith has improved me as a man. For me God love and I feel it, as I constantly feel that of my poor mother, in a song, in the morning breeze, in a cup of tea. I recognize it everywhere and this is my extra strength. Not a path of prayer, but of constant approach to God.

jealous of private life?

I try to protect it and enjoy it in silence. I have been living together for two years and I moved to Milan.

How was the passion for South American football born?

From a trip with Almeyda, my former partner. I have seen a freer and wilder kick, similar to that of when I was little. Added to that is the charm of the relato, the story of football. Pure poetry. My career started with the commentary at 4 in the morning of the Copa Sudamericana at Sportitalia, with Stefano Borghi. A pure pleasure, a carnal transport, because we all have that kick inside of us: it brings out the child that is in people.

Doesn’t the child inside her stay still for a moment?

Altroch! in full activity. And it recharges every morning.

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