“I, the face of Disney, have never believed in Prince Charming” – Corriere.it

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From “High School Musical” to pop: family with Irish, Filipino and Native American ancestors. «Proud of my origins. The world is a huge melting pot “

It achieved popularity thanks to the trilogy of High School Musical, high-sugar movies and good feelings that are Disney’s trademark, fairy world where everything always ends well. So she also debuted as a singer through Hollywood Records (Disney’s record company, to keep everything in the family). Springboard also for social networks where today she has almost 50 million followers (on Instagram), they fly to sponsor her water with fig extracts, the maximum (it seems …) for a detox and vegan diet (water vegan …). “I am honored that so many people want to take an interest in me, my work and my life. I just try to spread the joy and my passion for life, hoping that this will inspire them ».

Vanessa Hudgens is the face of America that made it, father of Irish and Native American descent, Filipino mother; three continents concentrated in a single DNA: «While I was growing up, I didn’t find many women on the screen who looked like me, my mother, my family. America – like the world – is a huge melting pot: there are many different stories that need to be told, shared, in order to create empathy for differences ». Guest of the first evening of Celebrity Adventure 2022, the great international charity event organized by Andrea Bocelli and his foundation (raised one and a half million euros), the actress attended the concert at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico together with over 11 thousand spectators Worldwide. Music for Vanessa Hudgens is an innate passion. «I have always enjoyed singing. My mom’s favorite song was Wind Beneath My Wings
by Bette Midler and I was already singing it when I was two. Then at 5 I saw Weast Side Story
and I fell in love with musicals ».

The Disney world is fairytale, she was also a princess in the saga of The Princess Switch: don’t you think it’s anachronistic compared to today’s society? “I grew up loving all the Disney fairy tales, but I never thought I needed a man to make all my dreams come true. It was not what I realized. I think the films are either a reflection of the times and that they want to awaken people to important issues or they can be an escape. I believe that both choices are important for cinema ».

His philosophy of life is to always think positive: «My father was a great lover of nature and I will always be grateful to him for having transmitted this admiration to me. Mother Nature is my healer, the force that keeps me centered. My mother, on the other hand, is kind and warm to everyone: her example has instilled this characteristic in me ». Committed but without overreaching: “It is important to be an active voter to try to shape our communities in a way that is useful for us”.

33 years old, boyfriends like Zac Efron and Austin Butler in résumé, now baseball player Cole Tucker, but he had to manage a global success when he was only 18: “I am a private person and nothing can prepare you for this. It was all wild and exciting: on a press tour in London there were so many fans that our car rocked back and forth, like we were the Beatles or something. It was crazy. ‘

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