“I told Romanchuk that I could host him, but he wants to fight” – OA Sport

A dramatic event like what is happening in the last few days between Russia And Ukraineinevitably, it involves a mobilization that involves many areas; consequently, although we naturally try not to go beyond certain limits, so too sport it is involved.

And it could not be otherwise, given what is happening, and which inevitably implies sports federations And athletes of the countries concerned, but not only: it is indeed worth noting a global interest and intervention, even in the world of sport.

In this case, however, we are talking about a person directly affected from what is characterizing the news of the last few days. In fact, reference is made to the swimmer Mykhaylo Romanchuk25 year old Ukrainian and a friend of the blue Gregorio Paltrinieri.

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As reported RaiSport, Paltrinieri exchanged some messages with Romanchuk, giving both comfort for the situation and willingness to help him in case of need; the Ukrainian, in the words of the same Greghas other intentions: “I hear Romanchuk every day, it’s an absurd situation. He lives on the outskirts of Kiev, yesterday he was forced to move having heard the sirens in his area. I have told him many times that, if he had wanted, he could have come to Italy, I would have hosted him. But he prefers to stay there, he wants to fight to the end: he has a strong patriotic sense, I don’t think he is already on the front line, but he is mobilizing“.

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