“I was struggling with one functional limb.” Murański was shocked by the number of injuries

Jacek Murański underwent Fame MMA 12 tests. It turns out that he has three serious injuries and each of them requires surgery. By the way, he did not refuse to attack Marcin Najman again.

Robert Czykiel

Robert Czykiel

Jacek Murański

YouTube / Koloseum / In the photo: Jacek Murański

Before the Fame MMA 12 gala, Jacek Murański threatened that he would deal with Arkadiusz Tańcula quickly and easily. It ended, however, with the infamous disqualification in the fourth round. The duel was interrupted because the 52-year-old was notoriously catching nets and even bit his opponent.

After the defeat of “Muran” he started to explain himself with numerous injuries. Today it is known that the injuries were not made up. Fame MMA sent him off for testing and the doctors gave the bad news. There are three operations waiting for the celebrity!

“I am waiting for a total of 3 surgeries !!! To all doubters, ridiculers and ordinary haters – tomorrow I will have a stitched torn (not torn, but BROKEN !!!) bicep of my left hand. at the end the elbow of the right hand goes under the knife. I also fought with one fully functional limb, which is my weaker left leg “- writes Murański on Facebook (original spelling).

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The Fame MMA fighter also showed photos that confirm the injuries mentioned. The medical diagnosis, in turn, confirmed him in the belief that if he were fully healthy, he would have defeated Tańula.

“Now I know why the guillotine fastened with my left hand with a broken bicep could not work (the surgeon told me that in my left hand I had as much strength as a small child), because under normal circumstances, in this guillotine of mine, Tańcula’s head would remain on the AMEN. I already know why my front kicks could not reach the goal (i.e. Tancula’s knees) … torn ligaments … Still, it is a pity, because even though I fell apart during the fight and my brain was piercing with furious pain, in the 5th round it would definitely be a war about EVERYTHING, there would be fire, “he comments.

The defeat of Murański made Marcin Najman mock him in public. Therefore, the future or would-be rival of “El Testosterona” finally devoted a few sentences to him.

“Someone like the coward Marcin Najman has the audacity to judge me … Really? After all, this type, first of all, would not have entered the fight with such injuries. Or he would look for Judge Jarosz with a cry of “ałła ałła ałła” – ends “Muran”.

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