I was there when it hit her

Johnny Depp’s trial of Amber Heard

Amber Heard’s sister declares at the trial that she witnessed the moment in which Johnny Depp would have lashed out at the actress, attacking her with slaps and punches.

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Johnny Depp’s trial of Amber Heard

The process of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard it started again from May 16, after a week off, following which the actress returned to testify against her ex-husband. Her lawyers have also called on her version of the facts about her sister of the diva of Aquaman, Whitney Henriquez, who claimed to have witnessed a rather heavy quarrel between the couple, during which the actor would have raised his hands on both.

The allegations of Depp’s sister-in-law

Episode, the one told by Whitney Henriquez, which had already been analyzed in the previous weeks, but which acquires new details. The woman, according to reports from Variety, confirmed the allegations of her sister, according to which Depp would repeatedly hit her and she would have intervened to prevent the actor from lashing out at her, but without success: “Don’t hit my sister. Johnny had already grabbed Amber by her hair with one of her hands and was hitting her repeatedly in the face with the other while I was there. ” he said, underlining how the star was beside himself and had railed at them shouting: “I hate you! I hate you both! Pu *** ne of the ***! “. According to Heard’s sister, the actor was often beside himself: “When he drank he got very angry. He said really bad and rude things, usually about Amber, sometimes about me. ”

The testimony of the bodyguard

During that quarrel, Travis MacGiven, the actor’s bodyguard, also intervened to separate the two spouses who in that instant had completely lost their temper. Even the bodyguard then released his testimony stating that Heard also hit Johnny Depp after throwing him a can: “Depp responded to what he was given, I should defend my clients and in that moment I felt like I didn’t. ”

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