“I will score many goals and assists to win, we are the best midfield! The new ones are doing very well, with Ajax he will remain in history”

Piotr Zielinski of the Naples spoke live to Radio Kiss Kiss Naples to talk about the moment of the team’s form between Serie A and Champions League. The Azzurri are among the best teams in all of Europe.

Naples: Zielinski interviewed at Kiss Kiss Naples

Naples – These are Piotr’s words Zielinski on Naples highlighted by FootballNaples24:

On the change at 45 ‘of Ajax-Napoli – “Now my conditions are good, today I did all the training with the team and I didn’t feel any discomfort. My conditions are good”.

About Ajax-Napoli – “Ajax-Napoli was a magical match for us and all the Napoli fans. We are happy to have overturned it, there was still a lot of time. He congratulated us on the great match, but he also immediately reminded us that we didn’t nothing has been done yet. Now there is Cremonese who will face the match in a very serious way. We want to go there to win this match. In Amsterdam we made a masterpiece, the result will remain in history. At the same time we know we must already think See you next time to win. It’s hard to say if it’s been Napoli’s biggest team game since I’ve been here. That’s definitely one of them, but I don’t know if it’s the best. It was a great satisfaction for all of us Neapolitans. We must be happy for what we are doing and we must continue to work “.

On the project and new purchases – “It’s not a bad start. The new players immediately gave their contribution. Napoli did a great job. Very important players left and other new players arrived who are doing very well and are giving us a great hand.”

On Boniek’s compliments – “I am proud of his compliments, he is one of the greatest Polish players. He has done great things on the pitch and still today off. I know that he sees a lot of good things in me and of what level I am. I hope that I will give him great satisfaction also in the World Cup. “.

On the position on the pitch and the start of the season – “Best Zielinski of his career? Zielinski is doing well, but he can still improve. I will score many goals and many assists for the team, I want Napoli to achieve great results as much as possible.”

On team union – “We are all very important, who scores goals, assists and who does all the rest of the bets. We are giving each other a great hand together.”

Midfield Zielinski, Lobotka and Anguissa – “This is one of the greatest midfields in Europe, we are very strong. I think we are one of the best midfields in all of Europe.”

Zielinski leader – “I am happy with Guidolin’s words too, it all started with him and he gave me a lot. I always want to give a lot for Napoli, I hope that I will give Guidolin a lot of satisfaction too.”

Spalletti’s Napoli better than Sarri’s Napoli – “We are proving to do well, I hope we can do better than that Napoli. I am sure that the team will do everything to achieve great results. Dreams can become reality. Spalletti’s S can be the S of the dream. everyone’s dream “.

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