“I wouldn’t wish Depp on anyone!”

The Depp vs Heard libel process continues and the stars openly take one (or the other) side!

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: $ 50 million libel trial continues! One of the most talked about cases of ex in Hollywood has all the credentials to become the case of the decade. Between curiosities, lies, statements, testimonies and great tears, the world is now divided into two factions: Johnny or Amber, who tells the truth? And the testimony that even the stars are human lies precisely in the fact that they too have divided into factions and are testifying their support for one or the other of the two former spouses. After the many expressions of support from many artists in favor of Johnny Depp, those who are instead begin to flock “Team Amber“. Starting with Kanye West’s ex, actress Julia Fox, continuing with Kathy Griffin, ending with Heard’s latest vocal supporter: the host of Countdown, Rachel Riley.

Riley’s words about Johnny Depp were by no means the kindest. Riley seems to have publicly condemned Depp without the possibility of resolution or acquittal. On her Twitter profile, in fact, the host shared the post of another user, entitled Johnny Depp: A Problematic History. As can be clearly seen from the title, the content of the post is absolutely unambiguous. The parts considered “darker” in Depp’s story come out, like his friendship with Marilyn Manson and Heard’s harassment allegations against Depp in 2018. It is precisely these accusations that are at the heart of the trial. Riley’s comment on this was: “I wouldn’t recommend this guy [riferendosi a Depp] to my worst enemy! “.

On the side of Johnny Depp, with public demonstrations of support towards the star, many have so far expressed themselves: starting from the actress Eva Green who wishes Johnny a sensational victory and a return to the screen in quick times, passing through the legendary ex Winona Ryder, up to her colleague and Pirates of the Caribbean co-star, Javier Bardem. The process continues to thrill millions of people, who follow the evolutions of the situation in live streaming daily. That’s when the trial will be available in streaming also in Italy!

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