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There is one symptom in particular that many people underestimate. Yet the latter can be a real wake-up call to which attention must be paid

Nowadays, in modern society more and more attention is paid to health. In fact, once upon a time, many factors to which we pay attention today were not even taken into consideration. Naturally, the advancement of science and the development of new technologies has allowed humans to reduce risk factors and thus increase life expectancy.

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In the course of history, one of the first great steps forward has been related to hygiene. The sterilization of instruments and operating rooms has contributed significantly to making interventions safer, minimizing the risk of possible infections and similar problems.

As for the speech cardiovascular, even here we have managed to make giant steps. In fact, we are currently in possession of a much broader and deeper general picture than it was only a few decades ago. Progress is very rapid thanks to the minds of great scientists and researchers who work tirelessly to discover more useful information to heal certain ailments.

Stroke, pay close attention to this symptom: it could be fatal

Stroke is a disease that occurs when poor blood perfusion to the brain causes cell death. THE symptoms that turn on an alarm bell are many and varied, some of which are more evident while others may be more ‘hidden’.

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In 80% of cases, ischemia occurs due to a closed cerebral arterywhich is why there is a sudden interruption of the blood supply to a certain area of ​​the brain. In the remaining 20%, however, the cerebral hemorrhage can be caused by one rupture of an artery.

In our country, cardiovascular diseases correspond to the third cause of death, which is why careful prevention is absolutely necessary, especially after a certain age threshold. In addition to the classic symptoms such as the alteration of vision, the loss of balance partial or total and the sensitivity deficit of a part of the bodythere is also another symptomatology to which attention must be paid.

Often, in fact, stroke victims are no longer able to speak correctly, almost losing the use of language. Faced with such a situation it is necessary to call for help or, if you are in the company of someone, to be immediately transported to the hospital, where the doctors can try to resolve the serious damage.

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