If you have already caught Covid you should prevent a new infection, here’s why

Having contracted the COVID-19 in the past it doesn’t put people safe from new infectionsindeed it would be better avoid in all ways a second contagion. This is what emerged from a study conducted by a group of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Washington.

According to the data reported by scholars, multiple infections of the Sars-Cov-2 virus i would increase risks for the patient to meet numerous complicationsboth in the acute phase of the infection, and in the following months after recovery.

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Medicineis the first to have evaluated on a large scale the possible consequences from more Coronavirus infections. For researchers, especially in a delicate moment like this in which states are gradually abandoning anti-Covid regulations, it is very important to prevent infections. Faced with such a study, it is very important to deepen the data: this is what the study consists of and what the results are and how to prevent new infections.

Multiple Covid infections: what the research consists of

If the effects of long-Covid have long been discussed, this is a new one Research try to study what happens in case of “re-contagion”Adding a new piece to get a clearer picture of reinfections. In fact, we often speak only of how a second infection usually sees a milder symptomatology, thanks to the generation of antibodies, but this does not always occur, as proven by the study. Indeed, patients can experience numerous complications.

In order to have as detailed a study as possible, the group of researchers of the University of Washington worked on a broad dataset reported in the database of Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States, which provides health care to the country’s military. The researchers then monitored the health conditions for months 30 days and six months after the infection of:

  • 5 million of people never enter a contracted the Sars-CoV-2;
  • 440 thousand adults who have had the Covid-19 only once;
  • 40 thousand adults who have had the Covid-19 two, three or more times.

Covid infection, new infections must be prevented: here’s why

According to the study data, who has already been positive for Covid should avoid future infections because the risks of complications tend to increase with multiple infections.

In fact, the research showed that:

  • the risk of death and the double in patients with multiple infections compared to patients infected only once.
  • the risk of recovery is three times higher patients with multiple infections compared to patients infected only once.

Not only that, patients with multiple infections are more likely to develop chronic problems charged to:

  • of the apparatus respiratory;
  • of the apparatus cardiovascular;
  • of the apparatus digestive;
  • of the apparatus skeletal muscle

To these are also possible blood clotting problems. Faced with a case history that sees the risks increase as infections from Covid-19 increase, the clinical epidemiologist at the University of Washington and research coordinator, Ziyad Al-Aly wanted to underline how “the measures for the prevention of contagion deserve to be kept in force”Especially in view of the onset of winter and the spread of the flu.

Multiple Covid infections: how to prevent a new infection

According to the US study, researchers recommend using the mask indoors and do what you can for vaccinate with the booster elderly and frail people, so prevent contagion.

It is also true, however, that it is study does not clarify if the complications are due to adirect action of the virus or worsening of pre-existing clinical conditions at the time of contagion. In any case it must be remembered that a single search is not enough to confirm this thesis. In order to guarantee the veracity of a study it is necessary that other researches – on even larger samples – confirm what has been highlighted in this survey.

A single work does not cancel the experience of these years. Thanks to the protection offered by vaccines, in fact, we tend to consider the less risky reinfectionsbut it is always important not to abandon useful precautions, especially if you are in close contact with risk groups.

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