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Anemia is a phenomenon that we do not always realize we have: here are the symptoms that are an alarm bell for your health

There are some symptomi who often do they ignore. Sometimes they are associated with fatigue, stress, tension.

If these symptoms occur, you have anemia-photo source canva-tuttogratis.it

But instead our appearance, our dysfunctions, could come from a health problem that is as common as it is silent and sometimes ignored.

There are symptoms such as those related to depression which are neither noticed nor associated with this phenomenon. There are also others comand weakness, pale complexion and tirednesswhich they often associate with low pressure. But if we do the right investigations, we find that it can be something deeper.

We often associate fatigue with one normal form of stress, but if it is associated with other symptoms, it could be anemia: let’s find out what they are

Symptoms that highlight anemia: here are what they are

symptoms of anemia
If these symptoms occur, you have anemia-photo source canva-tuttogratis.it

Anemia occurs when there is a decrease in hemoglobin levels, or the protein found in red blood cells. This is responsible for bring all the oxygen to the cells of the whole organism, in the blood. Anemia usually occurs in young women but also in the elderly. However, anemia can occur in many ways, because there are different types of anemia:

Iron deficiency anemia which occurs when you have a low iron levelthen there is anemia due to deficiency of vitamin b12 and folate. Then there is bone marrow anemia. It happens when this doesn’t work because of thechronic inflammation, usually occurs in case of tumorAnd. It can also occur for chronic renal failure.

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If we are short of hemoglobin, we feel great tiredness throughout the day. There is no energy and pain especially in the legs and then lack of oxygen, in the sense that there breathlessness. Other associated symptoms are paleness, very brittle hair and nails. The mood is also very influenced, one always feels sad and downcast.

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Through blood tests it is possible to understand if you suffer from anemia. The parameters that must be checked are those of the sideremia, or the blood present in the blood. There ferritin is another parameter that must be kept under control, which is the supply of iron in the liver. but also the transferrinwhich is instead the protein that always carries iron in the blood.


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