IKEA closes one of its stores! These are the last weeks for shopping at this point


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IKEA closes its first store in Poland
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IKEA closes its first store in Poland

One of the stores in Warsaw will be closed soon. Currently, there are three IKEA stores in the capital. They are located in Janki, in Targówek and in the Blue City shopping center. This is the facility at al. Jerozolimskie will be closed. When exactly and why you will find out from the article.

When will IKEA in Warsaw be closed?

The decision to close this facility is related to a change in the Swedish company’s strategy. However, the closure of the stationary outlet does not mean that this company will withdraw from the Polish market. The network intends to continue to invest in new locations and Order Collection Points. Introducing this solution is response to changing needs and increasing customer expectations.

IKEA in the shopping center at al. Jerozolimskie in Warsaw it is the smallest shop of the Swedish chain – although it took up two floors. It was also the first IKEA in the country, which was located in the city center, not on its outskirts – like other stores of this chain. The Blue City point was opened in October 2018, it will be closed in December this year.

Information about the closure of this point appeared both on the IKEA website and on posters hung in Warsaw. Customers have one last chance to shop at the IKEA store in Blue City. “We’re moving out. You take advantage of the opportunity. IKEA store in Blue City only until 12/12/2021. ” such information can be seen on posters placed at stops near the gallery. In a press release, IKEA representatives informed that after the facility is closed, the employees of the Blue City store will not lose their jobs and will receive an offer to continue working in other IKEA facilities in Warsaw.

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Is closing this store a good decision?

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